Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plans firming up for 2012…


We really enjoyed having our daughter visit us for ten days while we are down here in beautiful and warm Bonita Springs, Florida. She has now returned back to her much colder home so it is time for us to firm up our plans for where we are going to stay for the remaining months of winter…

2011-12-15 Everglades Fl 058Today is our last day to stay on the spot we are on now in Bonita Lake RV Resort. We just have to move to a different spot in the same park for our last six days stay here. We will leave this park on January 7th, 2012 and take the motorhome northwards to Seminole Campground. We finally decided that we really wanted to spend another month in southwest Florida (even though it is out of our budget) so we have booked a month long stay at Seminole Campground.

2011-12-15 Everglades Fl 023However, before we stay for a month at Seminole Campground we will be storing our motorhome in their park for two weeks. We are going back for another visit to the Florida Keys. We will be visiting friends who have a place down in the keys and stay with them for two weeks before returning back to Seminole Campground. We will leave the keys on January 21,2012 and stay for a month at Seminole Campground from January 21 to February 21.

2011-12-15 Everglades Fl 060By February 21st we hope there is little left of the cold weather. The next part of our journey remains unscheduled but we hope to spend some time in the Tampa area and then head northwards out of Florida on a slow trek. We plan to be heading out west where we will spend our 2012 spring and summer exploring the western states. On the way there we will stop by where we use to live in College Station, Texas to visit old friends and some of our favorite haunts.

It is really nice to have the plans firmed up for the winter. Now we must go buy some tamales and begin to prepare the cornbread and black eyed peas to ensure we have good luck for the upcoming new year - 2012…


  1. $750 to $950 per month

    That would be WAY out of our budget. Lol...we wouldn't have anything left over for food or booze!

  2. Wow for sure very expensive. We are spoiled and get upset if we have to pay $10 to $15. a night. Glad you are enjoying it there.

  3. It all balances out, you will find some boondocking spots and some lower priced sites as you travel. I have stayed with friends for nothing and I have paid between $10 and $35 for a site.

  4. These look like two very nice parks in Florida that you've chosen. Thanks for the heads up on them both. 2 weeks in the keys sound FABULOUS!


  5. Happy New Year! Enjoy your time in the Keys.

  6. Boy, I'd like to know where there are any places in southwest Florida for any cheaper than what you guys found! We did find one in Webster, a motorcoach only park for 650.00 a month. but it's in the middle of the state. I know you guys looked and looked to find something reasonable, we did, too!..When I think about what my mortgage was (760.00 a month) plus propane utilities, which the cost was a killer in northern Indiana...700-900 a month with full hookups is a good price in Florida to get out of the cold! Especially when you can stay a month and not have to move every 14 days like you do in the state parks.

  7. Florida sunshine in the winter takes a lot of beating.

    Summer here and still can't see the sun in Rotorua. It's teasing us.

    Sadly Christchurch had another swarm of nasty earthquakes last night through this morning. No damage reported yet ... there can't be much left. All the people I know have their valuable china and glass etc. wrapped safely rather than on display. We are all asking, "When will it stop?" Official count 9569 since Sept 4th 2010. Even as I check there's been another at 4.1... that's what I call a teeth rattler.

    Blessings for 2012.