Friday, January 13, 2012

A Key West stroll…

2012-01-09 Keys Bike Ride 002

2012-01-09 Keys Bike Ride 005I knew Sharon was starting to get a little better this morning since her color looked  a lot better. After breakfast we lounged around all morning in the pool until I asked her if she would be interested in going for a walk in Key West to do a little people watching (always fun in the city). She said yes and surprised me by wanting to do a long walk so I knew she was feeling quite a bit better.

We drove the 6 miles into town and parked in one of the non-resident (free) Mangroveparking spots on Southard Street.  We headed towards Duval Street and then walked the full length of Duval taking small diversions off this main drag as we saw fit. We stopped for a while at the southernmost beach at the east end of Duval and just listened to the sound of the waves coming ashore while watching the assorted sun worshipers.

There was another Carnival mega liner cruise ship in port so there was a lot of good people watching – cruisers make the best people watching. After a couple of 2012-01-09 Keys Bike Ride 009hours of walking and sitting Sharon decided she was fit enough to visit our favorite haunt at the Hogfish Bar and Grill for happy hour.

As always we had a blast at the Hogfish and tried one of the happy hour food items while there – a shrimp quesadilla. It was fabulous and we would definitely order another and probably will before we leave the Keys. After having a little too much fun we headed home.

The next morning was a repeat of yesterdays but we found a treat sitting in the outdoor refrigerator. It 2012-01-09 Keys Bike Ride 019appeared as if our friendly neighbor dropped off a couple pounds of stone crab claws for our enjoyment. After 8-10 minutes of boiling water followed by an ice bath these claws were ready to eat. And eat we did – deliciously sweet and flaky fresh crabmeat topping off our salad made a terrific lunch. Still lots of leftover crab may mean another crab dish is in our future…

Yes it was another great day in Key West…


  1. oooooh fresh crab claws... you are killin' me!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Enjoyed the tour of Key West. Love the little beach shack. Sounds like a terrific day.

  3. We love seafood! We used to live in a coastal city in South Africa and the seafood was wonderful, no crabs though!

    Mike and Dee

  4. Stone Crab is one of my favorites, I am seriously jealous.

  5. I'll trade places with you for a day! Love Key West and all it has to offer. Enjoy!

  6. A shrimp quesadilla sounds wonderful. I like the idea of just taking a little vacation to Key West instead of taking the rig. I think that is going on my list of things to do.

  7. John, please tell us you are not the one who ran down Gene Hackman on his bicycle. :-)

  8. I guess we're going to have to spend more time in Key West the next time we visit. It was way to crowded Christmas week and we got turned off. Great neighbors you have!