Friday, January 6, 2012

Our final day in Bonita Springs, Florida…

2012-01-03 Everglades 001

Today is our last day here in Bonita Lake RV Resort and it comes with a bit of sadness as we have really enjoyed our stay here. The park we are in may not be the best we have stayed in but its proximity to so many things to do and see have made this a special place to us.

2012-01-01 012Add to that the really nice people we met while here means we are saddened a bit to leave but we are also aware that more fantastic places and people are waiting for us in our future. We met two couples from Ontario, Canada while in the park and we really enjoyed their company. We hope to stay in touch and there may even be a visit back to the park to see them before we leave from our next monthly stop.

2011-12-13_14-11-59_820So where are we headed? Well first we will head to North Fort Meyers, Florida and leave our RV in storage at our next monthly stay park – Seminole RV Campground. While the RV is in storage we will be heading to Key West, Florida to stay at a friends house. We are very fortunate that he is allowing us to stay at his property. This mini “vacation” to the Keys will be a blast for us as we get to stay in a sticks and bricks place and re-experience what it is like to have so much space at our disposal.

2011-12-23 bonita beach 010Our friends may come down while we are at their house which would make the stay all the more fun… but let’s be real, if you can’t find a good time in the Keys you obviously aren’t looking very hard. We will miss our motorhome while we are away but when we get back in late January we will stay at Seminole Campground for a month. Where we go from there remains unknown but that is part of the fun of this lifestyle since it is up to us as to where we go from there…

So time to start packing and head to the Keys bright and early tomorrow…


  1. I know what you mean about the RV park. We spent three months over two winters. It was definitely a love/hate think. It is so close to every think that you live with the negatives.

    I have heard they have new management an that things are better because of it.

    Travel safe.

  2. I've enjoyed your stay there and it looks like I've got another 6 weeks to enjoy with you as well. Thanks

  3. are right. How lucky can a couple get. Safe travels. We look forward to reading about Key West.

  4. Can you see me turning green?

    Truly though we are very happy here except for the weather. We're having a lousy summer so far. The sea is freezing so not tempting me at all.


  5. I just love your photos today. Enjoy the Keys...I know that won't be difficult.

  6. Enjoy the Keys ... so much to do, so much to see, so much to enjoy.

  7. Enjoy the keys and have fun in that big house! After 6 years fulltime we would be lost in a pace like that! Nice pis toady as usual.

  8. AAAH! The Keys. They are on my bucket list!

  9. It definitely feels a little different to be back in a house. It seems like you have so much room that you could get lost. It is always nice to get back in the motorhome though because that is really home!

    Enjoy your stay out in the Keys.

    Kevin and Ruth