Monday, April 16, 2012

Bob Tiffin and Tiffin Motorhomes…


532812_10150665025306139_550561138_9381219_319083696_nAs I stated in an earlier blog I had heard and read many stories about Bob Tiffin going way above and beyond necessary to make his customers happy.I assumed most of these stories were maybe a bit exaggerated.  As you may recall last month, after we paid to have three of our four fogged up windows replaced in Red Bay, Alabama Bob Tiffin instructed the service manager to give us a call to tell us we were going to get a refund for the cost of the windows they just had installed thus saving  us $690! Mr. Tiffin extended this courtesy despite the fact the warranty had expired.  He did so because the windows did fail while under warranty but the previous owner was unable to have the repairs due to unexpected ill health.

We were very grateful for the generosity of Bob Tiffin who has built Tiffin Motorhomes into the best RV manufacturer in the USA – in my opinion. And we left Red Bay as very satisfied customers.  When we got to Mississippi we had time to reflect upon our experience.

528575_10150665028571139_550561138_9381237_609832477_nWe originally really wanted to replace all four of our faulty windows but when we got an estimate for the total cost of replacement it was financially prudent to only replace the three worst windows.  We decide this especially since the least fogged window was the most expensive window at $405.00 not including installation labor. We decided to write a letter to Bob tiffin to thank him for his generosity and exemplary customer service. We also asked that since he authorized Tiffin Motorhomes to replace all of fogged windows if there was any way we could have them ship the fourth window to us here in Texas at our cost.

552899_10150665027241139_550561138_9381232_2141367008_nAbout 10 days passed so we thought that maybe this was the end of our hope for obtaining that.fourth a warranty replacement. Then one night I got a phone call from Mr. Bob Tiffin himself!!! He asked me where I wanted to have this window sent!!! After some small talk and a cordial goodbye he agreed to have our fourth window sent to us and astoundingly he wanted to absorb the shipping cost!.

Once the window arrived, I contacted Ricky Johnson in the service shop and he sent me directions on how to replace the window myself. So with a bit of assistance from Sharon and a friend I replaced our last fogged window as per the instructions below:

Unscrew all the screws but one inside the window
Have someone score the caulk outside then hold the window as the last screw is undone inside.
Clean the old caulk off and clean the area for attachment of the window seal
Apply the window seal to the inside of the frame
Insert all screws and tighten down sequentially
Re-caulk top half of window

530935_10150665026041139_550561138_9381226_1744509985_n Actually this really was a simple do-it-yourself task but there is definitely a ill need for assistance in making sure the bulky window doesn’t fall.

Now we have no fogged windows and we can thank Bob Tiffin and Tiffin Motorhomes… A company that truly does put the customer first!!! So all those stories that many of us have heard about the “magic” of the customer service of Mr. Tiffin are true… Afterall how many of you have heard of Mr. Newmar or Mr. Winnebago?

Thanks Mr. Bob Tiffin,  for all that you do…


  1. Isn't it refreshing to have a manufacturer step up and do the right thing? We can say the same about Keystone RV. :)

  2. What a great story. Our window seals have failed also, but they are older than yours and we didn't pursue the issue when we were in Red Bay. We are thinking of trying the Fog Dr in Arkansas to see if they can be repaired.

  3. All I can say is WOW. I wish we could get that level of service. We had a serious leak repaired and while they had the windows out the seal for the dual pane windows broke and now they are fogged up and look dirty between the panes.

    Since the repair was for the leak the fogging up is too bad so sad and the window repairs are way beyond what we can afford to pay.

    I'm glad Mr. Tiffin came through, if we can ever afford a new rig Tiffin is on our short lisy.

    Safe travels,


  4. Great customer service is the major thing that makes repeat customers. Well that and extreme reliability. Not needing hardly any repairs at all is the best of course.

    Good PR for Tiffin. Mr. Bob is a smart businessman. Hope his successors understand this too.

  5. Tiffin was top of my list for RV brands. We are happy with our Alfa however, but if we ever go full time, we may upgrade to a larger Class A and it would probably be a Tiffin.

  6. Glad that you did finally get some good customer service from Tiffin. Your previous posts about that experience were not good at all.

  7. Just left Tiffin a week ago. Replaced rails, DS Seal, replaced proportional valve on tag with manual valves, and leveled the kitchen counter top, all under WARRANTY on an 09 coach. I was very pleased and found the whole experience very pleasant. Reinforces the many comments by others.

  8. The same exact thing happened to us and our windows. Bob picked up the bill.
    We have met him several times and each time he asks...what would you liked can we make your experience better. What an awesome guy. We can only pray that when the boys take over the same personal touch will be extended to Tiffin owners.

  9. That is an awesome story!! We have always heard the Tiffin stories and those especially concerning Mr. Tiffin. What wonderful customer service. Don't we wish it was that way everywhere we spend our money!!!

    1. This is the type of customer service that separates Tiffin from the majority of other RV/Motorhome Manufacturers! I've heard great things about Mr. Tiffin and hopefully one day, should the opportunity present itself, I've love to shake his hand and buy Mr. Tiffin a nice cold beverage!

  10. Now that is customer service at its best!

  11. We have heard many of these Tiffin stories from our RVing friends too. Bob Tiffin really does stand behind his motorcoaches and is so accessible to his customers. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)

  13. That's some mean DIY for motor home windows. Kudos to that. The next step is making sure that the windows last as long as they should to protect you and your motor home contiuously. Curtains or shades should do the trick. It may seem like these only serve as aesthetics, but they also protect your furniture and your skin from the harmful UV rays.

    Roxie @ Allure