Saturday, April 21, 2012

Canyon Lake, Texas…

Canyon Lake with the Gkids 051

2012-03-20 Canyon Lake with the Gkids 041Our last day in Bryan/College Station Texas had us taking care of a few last chores. We visited the dental hygiene school in Bryan when we first arrived to have our teeth cleaned and full mouth x-rays taken for all of $15.00 each. Takes a lot longer but with nothing but time on our hands we got our teeth cleaned without our wallets getting cleaned too. However, when we took our x-rays to the dentist  that Sharon spent her career with ( for 30+ years) he found some decay under one of my really old fillings.  This required a little removal and replacement of said filling and Dr B generously extended full courtesy for the filling.

2012-03-20 Canyon Lake with the Gkids 054Also our Honda CRV which is less than one and a half years old required new tires since the ones they put on at the factory were piece of junk in my opinion and were nearly bald after only a little more than 22,000 miles. A quick trip to Sam’s Discount Store and $612.00 later we have new tires that should hopefully last a whole lot longer.

2012-03-20 Canyon Lake with the Gkids 084The morning of departure we had the owner of Aggieland RV Park go ahead and fill our propane tank as well as my little one for the grill. Another $55.00 and we figured we had stimulated the local economy enough as we pulled out of the RV park by about 9:30 am. The last stop before leaving was to get the Texas inspection sticker for the RV as it had expired about a year ago…

The drive into Austin was as expected with a lot of local city traffic clogging the lights. We made it through the city and turned south down Interstate 35 for a while. We made a brief stop at Cabela’s in Buda, Texas where Sharon unhitched the car to go fetch the grandkids whom we will take with us Cabelas exhibitfor one last outing before we move further west. Cabela’s has some amazing wildlife exhibits and a neat aquarium as well as nice a nice overnight parking spot for RV’s…

With the grandkids in tow we headed south again on I35 for a bit before finally heading west on a much smaller, and more enjoyable drive, on state road 12. The wildflowers are still in full force in this part of Texas where the bluebonnets and the Indian paintbrush have started giving in to the evening primrose and the Mexican blanket where fields of Mexican blankets made for really enjoyable drive.

looking out our window at Canyon LakeAfter a brief rain shower we found our way to our park of choice, Lake Pointe RV Resort where we will stay for about three days before we take the grandkids back home. The park is nice as we are in a site facing the beautiful turquois waters of Canyon Lake. Our site is in a typical Texas hill country setting with small live oaks and cedar trees dotting the hillsides. The gravel lots are level and the cell and TV signals are strong so we should be able to entertain the kids for a few days here. Throw in the fact that the beautiful white tailed deer are everywhere in this park, many of which appear to be hand fed, I think we will enjoy our stay here…


  1. The 22 thousand miles on those tires, does that include the towed miles as well? We dive our toad about 12,000 miles a year and tow it another 9,000 get about two years on a set of tires.
    Such a beautiful area around Canyon Lake another area that we enjoy.

  2. Looks like those kids are in Grandkid Heaven with you guys!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. I really loved seeing the photos of Canyon Lake. My daughter just moved to San Antonio and went to Canyon Lake fishing last week. She was so excited to see blue, clear water in South Texas and only sent me an iPhone photo. So pretty!

  4. WOW...thanks for the heades up on the dental school in Byran. We may use this place to get out cleaning done when we get back to Texas. Do we need to make an appt?
    Oh please...we didn't want to hear about replacing tires on the CRV so soon. We just bought ours last Aug. We thought they would last at least 4 years.

  5. Wow I am really disappointed in Honda if they gave you tires that only lasted 22K miles. How do they expect to keep satisfied customers which is what I've always been. Happy grandparenting!!

  6. So glad you are utilizing the DH school. I taught DH for 10 years and we so appreciated every person willing to let our students earn on them. We will be heading to our school for the same thing this summer. :) Canyon Lake looks beautiful.

  7. Glad to finally find you again and catch up on your travels!!!

  8. Glad to finally catch up with you, I was on the wrong station (Road Treats). Been enjoying your posts. We stayed at Canyon Lake too and really like it.