Monday, April 9, 2012

It’s all about friends…

crawfish boil BCS 032

crawfish boil BCS 044We made a ton of friends over the many years we lived here in the Brazos Valley and some of them moved out of the area to far away locations. When we first started sharing with our friends that we were going to split town in one of those fancy rock and roll buses many of them, of course, thought we were crazy.. we may just be!

It has been fun this first year on the road and it has been great reuniting with some of the friends we made that moved away from this area. It has also been a lot of fun reconnecting with those friends who we left behind when went took our early retirement and departed from here.

crawfish boil BCS 035It has been enjoyable chatting with our friends and getting up to speed with the happenings in the area during the year since we left town. We have had lunches with friends, dinner with friends, and even been to a couple of really fun crawfish boils. A few of our friends have indicated they want to try and camp at the same RV park we are at to enjoy each others company one last time before we once again hit the road.

crawfish boil BCS 048It has been said that one of the best ways to find out who your true friends are is to part ways for a while and then see who is happy to see you when you return. Fortunately for us there have only been a few surprises along the road and even fewer once we have returned to our old stomping grounds here in the Brazos Valley.

We are thankful that this lifestyle affords us the opportunity to reconnect with all of our old friends along the way.  We look forward to reconnecting with even more friends from our past who live in the states we have yet to visit. Having RV’ed for a bit over a year now, we are also anxious to reconnect with all of our new friends we made in this past year on the road. Here is to all our friends past, present and future all of whom have enriched our lives…

crawfish boil BCS 046

NOTE: The photos are from one of the crawfish boils we attended that a friend of ours hosts annually. He also hosts the Leg Left Memorial Golf Tournament – our friend Glenn Highfill lost he leg in a freak motorcycle accident. From his website - “All proceeds from the tournament benefit local members of the community that are without and in need of electric wheelchairs. Last year, we were able to purchase five electric wheelchairs and one manual". If you are in the area (April 21, 2012) and love to play golf play in this fine charitable event…


  1. So well stated. We ate back home right now visiting with family and friends. Your post today so beautifully expressed exactly our thoughts and feelings about reconnecting.

  2. You raise a topic that I've been chewing on for a few months. The nature of friendships. When to let them go, when to try to revive them. Is a friend trying to let me go, or is she bad at email? Do I have unreasonable expectations of communication?

    I was forced to laugh at myself when I realized an old friend hadn't accepted an invitation to socialize since 2006. HAHA! I mean, really. How blunt would she have to get before I did the math? I think I had just lost track of time.

  3. I've had a couple of those that seem to fade away, but then strangely through that silly thing called Facebook, I've managed to get back in touch. Odd. But, maybe just an indication that if it were easy enough to be in contact, then contact would be made. That's my guess.
    I'm pretty lazy, so I lost touch with people from 30-40 years ago that I've never been able to find again. Pitiful really, but there was no instant communication back then.

  4. It has certainly been true for us that our best adventures on the road have been ones we share with others. Sure feel lucky to have met you in our travels and look forward to reconnecting in the Northwest, or anywhere else along the way!

  5. You are so right. This lifestyle has given us the opportunity to spend time with and reconnect with many friends. It is a real added benefit.

  6. On the road meeting new friends and hooking up with old ones sue is an awesome lifestyle for sure. Those crawfish boils are a lot of fun too.

  7. Well said. I totally agree that you find out who your true friends are when you leave, and that is a good thing to know. Many will just people we once knew. What's great for us in this lifestyle is reconnecting with good friends who now live other places and making new friends as we go. I truly contend it is the people in our lives that make us complete.