Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lake Pointe RV Resort, Canyon Lake TX…

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2012-04-24 Lake Pointe RV Resort 051Prior to picking up the grandkids for the weekend stay at Lake Pointe RV resort we asked them what they especially wanted to do at their first ever camping trip in our RV. They quickly provided a list of must-haves for the trip. First on the list was riding in the bus and seeing how we set up camp. Next they wanted to “drive” the bus and sleep in it overnight. And most certainly we had to roast marshmallows. Armed with our list and a full complement of kid supplies freshly purchased from HEB (our favorite grocery store), we felt fully prepared for our stay at Lake Pointe RV Resort in Canyon Lake Texas. The smiles on their faces during the drive were priceless.


2012-04-24 Lake Pointe RV Resort 006Upon arrival at Lake Pointe RV Resort, we were all in awe of the scenic lake views and the kid friendliness of the park. The kids especially liked seeing the playground and pool areas. We set up camp then let them pretend to drive the bus and headed out to explore the park. The trail to the Lake offered many delights for the kids: butterflies, deer, caterpillars, blackberries to pick and rocks to toss in the lake. Dinners ended with roasted marshmallow smores for dessert one night and homemade cupcakes the next night.

This park was ideal for entertaining our grandkids. The playground had two swing sets, a play house for toddlers and a 2012-04-24 Lake Pointe RV Resort 036larger climbable playhouse for older kids. Scattered through the playground were riding toys and a large rock to climb on. Thankfully there were also benches and bench swings for the adults to sit on while watching the children play. There were lots of deer in and around the park which always provided additional entertainment.

2012-04-24 Lake Pointe RV Resort 011The clubhouse offered a huge library of books and movies to borrow as well as a pool table and fitness room. The office building also housed a full kitchen for group entertaining as well as a beautiful deck and garden overlooking the two pools and the beautiful blue Canyon Lake. We spent time at the family pool one afternoon (even though the water was a little chilly). Along with trips to the pool and playground, we enjoyed playing kickball, blowing bubbles with bubble stuff, etc. at our campsite.

2012-04-24 Lake Pointe RV Resort 057On the last day we had a wonderful surprise visit from dear friends and their kids making for a great afternoon of play for the kids and fun filled conversation for the adults. It was definitely an action packed weekend. Having checked off all items on the list the kids provided, we felt our first camping trip with them was a smashing success. Not once did the kids seem homesick at all. They were precious and fun to be around but their energy level far exceeded ours, so taking them back home was a bit of a relief too.


  1. That sounds just like the list we got from our grandkids last year :) We were in a COE park with them and gave them a ride to the dump station :) I think, after having watched the movie "RV", they were expecting a bit more excitement!

  2. We miss HEB. We knew it such a short time, and yet our relationship was deep and meaningful.

    The Good Luck Duck

  3. Grandkids are fun, but they sure can be exhausting! :)

  4. Our one daughter has visited us a few times with three young grandchildren usually they rent a cabin , but the activity never stops, indoor and outdoor pool, splash pad, mini golf, campfires, games, crafts, hiking, wagon rides, even water wars in the park. Great visits and certainly wears us out too. So much fun while they are young, glad you enjoyed.

    1. Are you sure that your talking about the Lake Pointe Resort in Canyon Lake, TX. ??

  5. What a wonderful weekend! Those kids will be talking about their camping trip for years. How many great memories you all made! So happy for you all.

  6. Sounds like an absolutely, positively wonderful visit. The park was perfect and you indulged the grand kids with all the things they wanted, just like good grandparents should. I'm glad it was such a success, great memories for you and the grandkids, too.

    But I know what you mean about being worn out afterward. I'll never have that much energy again. I'm used to resting more and a lot of alone time, and I never want to use my time like that during grandkid visits, so I'm always tired when they leave. :)

  7. Wow, sounds like both you and the kids had a blast. I think I can see more of these in the future.

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    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Sounds like a great time with the kids and looks like a nice park

  9. Looks like a beautiful place to stay and play with the kids.

  10. Thanks for the absolutely great write-up on this park from the grandchildren perspective. I live near San Antonio and was thinking this might be a great place to bring the grandkids. Potter's Creek COE on Canyon Lake is wonderful but there might be a little more for the kids here.