Saturday, April 28, 2012

Luckenbach TX and moving on…

Axis deer

 Johnson Creek RV ParkOur last day at Johnson Creek RV Park was relaxing and it included a day trip over to Fredricksburg and then a side trip over to Luckenbach. We attempted to take some back roads over to Fredricksburg but the GPS didn’t warn us that some of the roads she wanted to take us on were private and thus we couldn’t take them… Sigh! So after cussing out Alice (our GPS) I did a u-turn in front of an elaborate ranch and backtracked till we hit a main road.

sea of yellow Coreopsis

hill country driveThe rest of the trip was uneventful but the scenery of the Texas hill country splashed in the yellows, purples and whites of the wildflowers made for an Fredricksburg TXenjoyable trip. When we got to Fredricksburg we parked and took a walk around the town. The town is primarily a tourist town now and even my favorite bakery (Dietz bakery) had shut down. They made the best pumpernickel bread….

We passed a lot of souvenir shops, a small microbrewery (they have a nice pale ale) and lots of other eateries and shops. The restored architecture is interesting to look at while strolling the streets but we eventually got thirsty and knew it was time to move on down the road to Luckenbach!

Luckenback TXLuckenbach was first established as a community trading post in the 1840’s – so they say. It is well know for the musicians that play there and has its own friendly atmosphere. As they say “Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach” and so were we as we sat listening to a fellow picking on his guitar. Sitting there listening to the lyrics of  songs he sang while sipping on a cold Shiner Bach took me back a bit to day past…..

Luckenback TXAll good things must come to an end so we made our way back to the RV park to enjoy our backyard view of the axis deer feeding in the working pecan orchard and to tidy up for our departure Friday morning. We left the outskirts of Kerrville, Texas pretty early Friday morning as we had to make a long 300 mile trek across Texas on Interstate 10. Our target was Balmorhea State Park. We arrived about 3:30 pm and set up and are ready for our site at  Balmorhea State Parkour next adventure…

We will be here at Balmorhea State Park a few days to explore the mountains south of us and then we will move on to boondock a few days at Guadalupe Mountains National Park and then over to Las Cruces, new Mexico, a new state for Abbey...


  1. Our GPS is named Samantha. We were going to name her ourselves, but found out she already had a name from the manufacturer. She takes many a cursing but her only response is "recalculating".

  2. We found Luckenbach to be entertaining also and were glad we stopped.

  3. We have enjoyed Fredericksburg and Luckenbach a few times. We like small towns and you can't much smaller than Luckenbach !

  4. I sure hope you get to go for a swim in that big ol' swimming pool. Balmorhea is where I did my scuba certification. It's wonderful!!

  5. Ah, goin' to Luckenbach Texas with Waylon and Willie and the boys!