Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Albuquerque NM–some things to do…

Sandia Tram

One night while in Albuquerque we decided to go to a minor league baseball game where we got to watch a game between Albuquerque’s own Isotopes play against the Nashville Sounds. The Isotopes are a Triple A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization while Nashville was affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Isotopes Ballpark Albuquerque NM 021 Isotopes tickets

The game was played at the beautiful Isotopes park near the University of New Mexico. The Isotopes won the game 8-1 and we got to see lots of extra base hits and a few homers as well. The place was packed with fans who stayed till the very end of the game because immediately afterward there was a amazing fireworks display. conclusion. We always enjoy a day at the ball park…

UNM Alumni ChurchAnother enjoyable thing to do in Albuquerque is to stroll the campus of the University of New Mexico. The University was founded in 1889 and is located on 600 acres. A vibrant University with both medical and law schools, it is a beautiful campus where one of the first built Pueblo Revival style structures in the country can be  found. Another beautiful building is the Alumni Memorial Chapel.

Sharon and Vicky Albuquerque NMNo trip to Albuquerque can be complete without taking a ride on the Sandia Tram. The tram starts from a base elevation of 6,559 feet and  ascends 3,819 ft in 15 minutes to a top elevation of 10,378 feet traveling about 12 miles per hour. It is capable of carrying up to 50 passengers and on one day it was me, our friends, Vicki and Roger, and my “very afraid of heights” wife – Sharon…

Sandia Peak after tram rideThe scenery from the tram while in transit is breathtaking where the views of the Sandia Mountains are stunning. While in transit Sharon held up pretty well under the circumstances and can now say she survived the tram ride. Once you arrive on top we took the a nice 2 mile hike along the Sandia crest trail where we still encountered many patches of snow from last winter. A great way to spend a day!

When in Albuquerque there is much to do… above are few things we did but the most important thing to do while here is to partake in as much of the red and green chili you can… Our dear friends Vicki, Merrill and Sonia made sure we had all the chili we could eat.

We have returned to Las Cruces we spent one last night with our friends then we headed west to Deming, NM where we are currently at the LoW-Hi RV Ranch …


  1. We toured U of NM also. Really nice campus. So different than the ones out North.

    No way José would I go up in that Sandia Tram. I havae weak kneees just reading about it.

  2. AS you leave Lo Hi on Columbus HWY note the John Deere Dealership and old cotton Gin. My mother owned and ran the JD dealership for 40 years and my father built the cotton gin. I was raised in the house on the left- just after the Gin.

    1. Yes it was there just as you described... now I know why you wanted to travel :) ...looks like your parents did well for themselves!

  3. The tram sounds great, but I'm like Sharon...afraid of heights. Glad to hear she summoned up the courage to enjoy the beautiful ride.

  4. Good for Sharon! You go girl!! I'm not even afraid of heights but a tram out in the air, only on a cable, not so sure about that.

  5. I didn't realize the tram was in operation this early in the season when we went. Just as well. A nice drive to the top was much less scary :)