Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free fun on the Las Vegas Strip…

Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio fountains and ParisEveryone who comes to Las Vegas will most likely visit the large casino hotel complexes that make up what is known as the Las Vegas Strip. We are not big on gambling but we do enjoy an occasional day of people watching and Las Vegas in general is a fantastic place to watch a slice of the world’s population since people of all nationalities visit this part of Nevada.

Since we are about five miles from the strip we drove over to the Luxor self parking garage (free parking). From there we made our way through the casino to Las Vegas Boulevard, the street that all the largest and iconic casinos can be found. Having been to Vegas multiple times in my past for conventions this was my chance to be a tour guide for Sharon who for one reason or another never chose to attend a convention with me in Vegas.

Our main goal in visiting the strip was to visit many of the larger casinos “free outside shows” and do our share of people watching. In my opinion the three best free shows in Vegas are in no particular order:

  1. Inside the BellagioThe fountains of the Bellagio – an amazing choreographed light and musical show with water jetting upwards over 200 feet
  2. The Volcanoes at the Mirage – a rendition of a volcano erupting that is also choreographed with light and music
  3. The Sirens of Treasure Island – a typical Vegas styled show when the Sirens are doing their best to attract some pirates onto their boat

VenitianThere are many other free things to do in Vegas and a good link is at Insider Las Vegas. crooked buildingsPay attention to Casinos offering “fun books” as they will typically have some free slot play for new members. We were able to get $70.00 of total free slot play at three different casinos and walked away with $54.50 of free cash… Thanks Vegas!!!

Now if you have never been to Vegas just walking through the casinos is eye candy within itself. But you must pay attention to every detail of where you are as it is easy to become “lost” in one of the larger casinos such as New York, New York or Caesar's Palace. Some good rules to follow while visiting the area:

  1. inside ceaser's palaceit is advisable to text yourself any pertinent information that will assist you later in finding your car (i.e.  Luxor, ramp 3, east entrance, mid way up ramp).
  2. when entering a casino look back at the entrance after you enter to remember how it looked or to note other landmark for an easier exit
  3. to avoid the many panhandlers on the strip, my general rule is to make no eye contact and they will typically leave you alone
  4. look all around, up and down, front and back of you as there is so much to see and you will still miss something
  5. guard your valuables as large crowds will also bring out the pickpockets  and other slime looking for an easy score
  6. if you gamble then bring with you no more money than you plan to lose
  7. wear comfortable shoes!

I lost my shorts in VegasFollowing these simple rules allowed us to really enjoy the spectacle and grandeur that is Las Vegas – the adult Disney World!!! And be sure you don’t have too much fun like the guy to the right and lose the shirt off your back in Vegas… My guess is he was about to have a bad night…


  1. Can you imagine? Taken to jail...naked! I would say that would be a really bad night for me. Why is it always guys caught like that?

  2. So much free stuff and things to see we spent three days there and did bot spend any money at all.

  3. Great advice. We did use the texting so we could remember where we parked. We took a picture with our phone camera also. Makes life must easier.

  4. I suppose we will have to go there ONCE, just to say we did. But I think that what happens there SHOULD stay there, by the looks of the guy getting arrested. Wonder if that pic will make his FaceBook page?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. It is so easy to get turned around inside those casinos - good tips. I think for a woman, using a waist pack is a good alternative to a purse too. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  6. You could be a guide on how to have a great time in Vegas and come out ahead. Wish we could have stayed longer and tried out your simple rules.

  7. Good tips....we of course, got lost inside the casinos several times - couldn't find how to get out! There is soooo much to see you lose focus.

    I carried my wallet in a front pocket, too! Those dang pick-pockets.

  8. Last time we were there was to attend a Jimmy Buffett concert. What FUN!!!

  9. We're not big on gambling either, but look forward to those "free shows." Last time I was in Vegas was a convention in 1991 (Caesar's) -- so there are lots of new 'over-the-top' stuff to see :-)))

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