Thursday, June 21, 2012

Traveling to Tri-Cities Washington…

Northeastern Oregon

We left Cove Palisades State Park by 10:00 am and snaked our way out of the canyon over to the town of Metolius, Oregon where we filled up with diesel. Why Metolius? Because my gas buddy applet on my droid said it would be the cheapest diesel on our entire 220 mile drive. I love Oregon since it is one of two states we have traveled where they will fill your tank for you.

In Metolius we picked up state route 97 and headed north through the rolling high desert hills of northeastern Oregon. Nary a tree in sight during much of our drive  as the hills there get less than 10 inches of rain on average. Not enough for trees but good enough for a healthy crop of sage brush. It was pretty much the same landscape until we got near Green Valley where agriculture spread into the lowlands. As we approached the Columbia River near The Dales we noticed Cherry and Apple orchards as well as one of my favorite crops – grapes! Wine Country!

Lake Billy Chinook

Into a new state we went but we decided to avoid Interstate 84 and opted for Washington’s State Road 14. Great choice as there was little traffic and the scenery was wonderful. Add the fact there were no truckers buzzing by at 75 mph, it made the drive was very peaceful until we hit Interstate 82. North on I-82 and eventually we were in the Tri-Cities of Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick. We headed for Hood Park on Lake Sacajawea, a COE park.

Tri Cities BridgeEleven dollars per night for 50 amp service… no water no sewer hookups however. Hard to find something in the area as there are two big festivals in town this weekend. We also found out it is cherry picking season and the migrant population of cherry pickers are taking up many of the campsites available including many here at Hood Park.

So why we did we come to the Tri-Cities? Not for the festivals… we came to visit two dear friends that we have known since high school. We have had a lot of fun with Marshall and Debbie although we hadn’t seen them for a long, long time. We had gone to college together where we were neighbors in a mobile home park. We often joke about the fact that we have come full circle from living in a trailer house then to now living in a motorhome… but times are much, much different. So we are off to spend more time with our friends…


  1. Hood River, Oregon, just for a fun fact, grows so many apples, peaches, pears, they have a driving tour called The Fruit Loop tour. If you're ever in the are in September you can get fresh, ice cold apple cider!

  2. What a wonderful job you're doing on the blogs! Now we have to get out that way!

    Thanks for the great posts.

  3. Now you are in our part of the country. Enjoy the wineries there are many. Great bridge shot crossing the Columbia. Be sure to check out Washington grown strawberries, Rainer Cherries, (expensive but worth it) peaches and apricots, they are the best.

  4. It's been a long time since we've driven the route from The Dalles west on Highway 14. I remember it as a curvy and windy road definitely not a place you'd run into those trucks traveling 75 miles an hour. You are right the Washington you are currently in isn't the Washington others see that is loaded with trees. However, just wait until you cross over the Cascades. It's very different there. Enjoy your time.

  5. Nice to meet up with old friends and catch up. Full circle is the way things have been going for us too. Sure is nice.