Monday, July 16, 2012

Mississippi Avenue Street Fair…

Mississippi Avenue Street Fair

Sharon at the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair With the minor setback of Sharon’s injury we have replaced bicycle riding, rough trail hiking and Frisbee golf with becoming “citified” in a sense.Time for getting out and about in the wilderness is limited due to Sharon’s new 4 times a day regimen of heat packs, physical therapy exercises and then icing. We are spending less time doing the more physical activities we enjoy and replacing it with more laid back activities such as visiting farmers markets, breweries and street fairs.

While Sharon is busy doing her assigned physical therapy,I am getting some routine things done that have been on the list of items to do… Such as washing the motorhome and CRV, cleaning the windows, flushing the hot water heater, making minor repairs to loose items and of course sampling all the wonderful crafted beers that Portland has to offer. It is amazing that after less than a week they have Sharon doing physical therapy but it is also great because I know now she will be back to full speed in about 5 weeks..

CeCe and Brett taking on Forty Licks Maple and BaconIce CreamWe have also been enjoying the company of our friends Brett and CeCe and they even held a party in our honor to introduce us to their friends. We met some great people here in Portland and have really enjoyed our stay. After the Friday night party there was talk of attending the largest street market in Portland – the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair.

There are lots of neighborhood fairs held in Portland but the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair has over 25,000 visitors attending its fair annually. We caught the TriMet Bus over to the fair to avoid the traffic and parking hunt that surely would have been stressful. Musicians were playing all day on five stages Amnesia Brewing Artand over 275 vendors were on hand as well. Mississippi Avenue is closed to through traffic for this annual fair and as a result there is a sea of people going from one end of the avenue to the other.

One memorable stop on this day was a visit to a nearby brew pub called Amnesia. We stopped to try one of the drafts and ended up staying and trying several of their beverages. There we met another of CeCe’s friends who was a total delight to visit with and get to know a bit.

This fair has every handmade craft imaginable.The eclectic crowd made people watching fabulous and the weather was just perfect. After the fair we caught the bus back and bid our friends farewell after sharing some great burgers and salad with them

Mississippi Avenue Street Fair shadowsSunday was a rainy day so we fulltimers take advantage of those days too. It was time to do laundry and clean the inside of the motorhome. Fortunately for us it was also ice cream social day at Fairview RV Park where we enjoyed a nice ice cream sundae on the house. After wrapping up our last weekend here we will be leaving Portland on the 18th and heading a little bit south to Harrisburg and stay at Riverbend RV Park for about six days where we hope to visit with our friends and fellow bloggers, Pam and Vic…


  1. If you are looking for breweries, here is a link to our favorite brewery guide Click on the state and a pdf map and list will be available. Go to their main website and there are maps for every state.

  2. Vic, Jetta, Rico, and I can't wait to see you. Get ready for a palate adjustment from craftsman beer to artisan wine.

  3. I hope all the therapy, ice, and exercises are helping you, Sharon. Praying for a complete recovery.

    1. Thanks so much Paul and Marsha...the therapy is like baby steps, but your kind works motivate me :)

    2. Where's Katie when you need her? Do it all to the letter, you'll not regret it.

  4. Great blog for us. A brewery to try, two RV parks. Can't wait to get to the NW. Hitch itch has set in big time. Its always fun to read your blog as you two seem to enjoy the same activities we do. My list gets longer all the time! Enjoy a good brew for us. :)