Monday, October 8, 2012

Coronado Island, California…


103_0053We have spent a good deal of time exploring all around greater San Diego and could not help but notice the San Diego- Coronado Bridge rising high over the bay leading over to Coronado Island. The bridge is locally referred to only as the Coronado Bridge. As it turns out some friends of ours flew into town and were staying on the Island so we decided it was time to go across the bridge to see all there was to see there.

103_0051Coronado Island is an great place to explore as it offers such scenic beauty, great beaches and has a lively entertainment district. Three things on our list to do on the Island were to walk around the town, visit the Hotel del Coronado and visit the beautiful Coronado beaches.

Walking around Coronado is easy to do and there is plenty of free parking along the streets just outside the main drag. Not only was it extremely 103_0044pleasurable to walk on another sunny, breezy day but also because walking opened up many panoramic views of the Coronado Harbor and San Diego skyline. ()We felt however that the best views of the skyline happened while crossing the Coronado Bridge).

As we walked around town it didn’t take long for us to notice a lot of cottages that looked alike along the waterfront. They were smartly landscaped and each had a pool and personal hot tub access. I am sure they were out of our price range but they were beautiful nonetheless.

Nearby was the Hotel del Coronado itself standing strikingly in blue sky with its 103_0046iconic red turrets atop of the pristine white 1888 Victorian structure below. So beautiful is this building that it was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1977 and rightly so… Visited by Eleven U.S. Presidents and famous notables such as Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, and Charles Lindbergh as well as Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon while the film "Some Like It Hot."

While there is lots of history at the Hotel del Coronado there is lots of beauty at the Coronado Beach. Coronado Beach has been named in many top 10 lists for Best Beaches in America. According to Stephen P. Leatherman, a.k.a. "Dr. Beach" it is the number 1 beach in the USA. The beach is in places over a hundred yards wide with fine white sand.

103_0049Throw in the fact that the city supports a pedestrian and biking lifestyle means there are lots of bike lanes and walkways to explore. Our friends wanted to meet up at Coronado Brewing Company which sounded like a great idea to us after all the walking we did. I had an Islander IPA while Sharon enjoyed a Coronado Golden… smooth and tasty beverages and a great place to unwind along Orange Avenue. It was also absolutely fun relaxing and people watching while visiting with our friends Jerry and Kathleen. It was fun to catch up as they travel a lot, too, so the time sped by after sharing stories and much laughter.


Coronado Island is a beautiful, fun and friendly. Throw in the excellent weather this time of year and where else would one like to be than Coronado Island!  We feel you all must one day come here and enjoy the vibe of this Island!


  1. We spent about a month down there a couple years ago and love, love that area.

  2. Looks like an excellent place to add to our list.

  3. In 1976 while visiting San Diego we went to Coronado and walked along the beach and through the hotel. I have always wanted to go back there.

  4. It really is a wonderful place. I stayed at the Del one time for a company meeting. It is a beautiful property.

  5. Had dinner at del Coronado with some friends; back in the mid '80s. I had made the reservation and in addition to menus customized with my name, there was a book of matches at each place setting with my name on it as well. Of course, that was in the days when smoking was allowed just about anywhere. Since none of us were smokers, we took them as mementos of our fancy dining experience.

  6. Sunday brunch at the Hotel Del is fab too. Pricey, but fab. YOLO