Saturday, October 6, 2012

Strolling Along San Diego’s Embarcadero…

U.S.S. Midway

Embarcadero Marina ParkAnother wonderful place to take a stroll is along San Diego's Embarcadero. Our walk along the Embarcadero began near the Embarcadero Marina Park at the Seaport Village. Lots of pay parking here but we some of the sparse free parking along the streets just a block in towards town from the Embarcadero. Also along the streets there was abundant metered parking closer by.

Embarcadero walkwayThe Seaport Village is really nothing more than a strip mall of restaurants and shops but its location right along the bay offers great views of sailboats and commercial fishing boats.With San Diego’s perfect weather there were lots of people in the outdoor courtyards wining and dining while overlooking the bay. The walkway along the Seaport Village also provided a great opportunity to look back at the Embarcadero Marina Park where several people were flying huge colorful kites.

Convention Center San Diego Further down the Embarcadero walkway we passed by the Broadway Pier where lots of people were lined up to take one of many narrated harbor cruises of San Diego Bay. Our walk also provided wonderful views of San Diego skyline with its beautiful Convention Center always just over our shoulder. Also directly across the bay we saw the city of Coronado, a place we plan to explore another day as we have heard lots of great things about visiting there.

Star of India Next up along our walk was the U.S.S. Midway, San Diego’s Aircraft Carrier Museum. There is a fee to enter the museum and since we have been on a few aircraft carriers we opted to continue our walk. Remembering that San Diego is home to many sailors, nearly 100,000 of them,we discussed that the harbor probably has some interesting ships pass by on their way to the North Island Naval Air Station.

Embarcadero San Diego Not much further down the walkway was the Cruise Ship Terminal. Having done several cruises we both stopped and pondered for a bit what it would feel like to be getting ready for our next cruise out of the San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal. How exciting it must be for so many to have San Diego as a port of call on their cruise itinerary. There is so much to see and do in this area..

Just past the terminal was an 1860’s era historical ship called the Star of India which houses the San Diego Maritime Museum. Nearby was another historical ship, the H.M.S. Surprise. Not being the museum types we simply enjoyed high rises in San Diego looking at the beautiful ships one of which was flanked by a couple of vintage submarines including a Soviet era attack submarine.

Our walk along the Embarcadero ended at the San Diego County Administration Building and from there we turned in toward the city and away from the waterfront. Thus we created a loop walk back to our car and had the opportunity to experience the city a bit. Mostly in this area we noticed towering retirement villages and residential properties. What a great place to live… until we saw one flyer for a place on the seventeenth floor for only 1.79 million dollars…What a deal!!!  This is exactly why we may never be able to live in this area even though we really love all that it has to offer… San Diego is a very expensive place to live!


  1. That area is wonderful.

    Those gas prices there are getting out of hand. You two may have to take on a workamping job just to pay for the gas to get out of that state.

  2. You certainly are doing it up good. San Diego is such a wonderful place to visit and see as much as you can. One of my favorite places is the Wild Animal Park. Little Italy is a good place too. One of our favorite places to stay is at Santee Park. Sometimes it's hard to get in there though.

  3. We would move there in a second if not for the cost. Thanks for the great tour.

  4. Just love that area, enjoy it while you are there.

  5. Excellent