Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yuma, Arizona…

Yuma, AZ 002Yuma, AZ 001We left the fascinating Salton Sea area and made the 140 mile drive southeast to Yuma, Arizona. The drive was uneventful other than the long line at the border patrol check station and the scenic sand dunes just outside of Yuma. We came to Yuma where we booked 6 nights at the Yuma Palms RV Resort.  We came in on their October Special rate of only $19.95 per night. Now this place is actually a resort as opposed to some places we've stayed at that call themselves a "resort"! Included in this rate are your standard amenities such as full hookups but there is also really good free Wi-Fi and great cable including several ESPN channels always great during college football season). But that isn't all as we also have access to the best pool and hot-tub facilities we have encountered during our travels so far.Palms Resort - Yuma 006

In addition the resort boasts Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard Courts, an outstanding Fitness Center brand new,laundry facilities (with the added option of and adjacent outside area with lines available for hanging clothes to dry), a huge Billiards Room with 10 full sized tables, two heated swimming pools, two spas, specialty rooms for pottery (with a kiln), jewelry making,crafts and games. They even have a Putting Green and during the winter months offer Las Vegas-stylePalms Resort - Yuma 007Palms Resort - Yuma 003

entertainment. Now this is a park that is really geared to trying to attract you toward buying a lot upon which a casita or winter home could be built.. At this time many of the corner lots have been sold and have some attractive houses or casitas built on them.  Until they sell all the lots this is an excellent choice of parks for wintering in the Yuma area.

Palms Resort - Yuma 002The town of Yuma itself is a bit underwhelming for a town of nearly 100,000 residents but it still has a comfortable feel to it nonetheless. There are several Indian casinos nearby and several wildlife refuges as well. And with Algodones Mexico close by where there are nearly as many dentists as residents, you can cross the border and get your teeth fixed or get new glasses.  Also available are inexpensive pharmaceuticals and the ability to pick up a few liters of your favorite agave based beverages.

Palms Resort - Yuma 005

We had a first hand experience of one of the highest rated Mexican restaurants in the area when we chose to go to it for Sharon’s birthday. Before going to the restaurant we also tried one of the reader’s choice award spots for happy hours at Brewers Restaurant & Sports Bar. They had their flagship beer on tap, the Brewers Amber Ale, for the happy hour price of $2.50 so after a few nicely crafted pints we made our way over to a little mom and pop place called Mi Rancho Restaurant. Prices were a bit higher than I thought it would be but since we normally split a meal, but we found it to be actually inexpensive considering their portions are huge. After a few Mexican beverages, some excellent salsa and chips along with Palms Resort - Yuma 004some fabulous green chili, we gave both of these places two thumbs up.

We heard a lot of things about Yuma, mostly negative, but it looks like a place we could stay entertained for at least a month but only if we stayed at this park and definitely not much longer than one month. Since we are here for six days we will just kick back and enjoy the resort along with some great Mexican food.


  1. We have been to quite a few good Mexican restaurants in Algodones and have found great food, large portions and very reasonable prices. Always a fun time out.

  2. We were in Yuma the first year we traveled. Loved the weather and because of all the snowbirds, there is a ton to do there.
    That resort sounds wonderful, and the price super!

  3. We havent spent much time in Yuma either. Look forward to seeing how you like it. Great rate at the RV park,

  4. That pool sure looks inviting and a trip across the border sounds fun. We are trying to stay warm in the Tennessee hills. Time to head south.

  5. That pool sure looks inviting and a trip across the border sounds fun. We are trying to stay warm in the Tennessee hills. Time to head south.