Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - Our Year in Review - Part 1…

Red Rocks Canyon 001

crawfish boil BCS 0442012-04-03 Albuquerque NM 039

Well it is that time of year again when we look forward to what the next year brings and reflect about the good and not so good moments of the year past. As we are nearing the end of our second year of full timing, free as the gypsies with no house to return to, we find ourselves in a small but very lucky circle of people who have been able to escape the drudgery of everyday life in the working world. We feel we are indeed very fortunate…

We began the year 2012 in Florida at Bonita Springs and we must admit it is still one of our most favorite wintering spots so far. We also enjoyed some fun times with friends in key West, Florida which is our number one preferred wintering spot!

2012-04-24 Lake Pointe RV Resort 0162012-04-26 Luckenback etc 030

After wintering in Florida we headed toward Red Bay, Alabama to have some work done on our motorhome. It was here that we discovered
all the good things we had heard about Tiffin’s service were “spot on” as we had exemplary service in this otherwise cultural desert of a town with little to do nearby.

From Alabama we decided to head west and once again were able to enjoy the beauty of Spring in Texas. The bounty of wildflowers welcomed us to the Lone Star State and we revisited the home of Texas A&M University (where I had retired from). It was a blast to revisit with old friends and it was really fun to be a visitor to our old hometown.

Salton Sea CA 023Sparks Marina and other Lakes 050

From College Station, Tx we headed west and enjoyed such places as Guadeloupe Mountains National Park, Albuquerque, NM., Saguaro National Monument and then we relaxed at a true resort while we visited the city of Las Vegas! From Vegas we headed further west as we enjoyed Death Valley and then meandered northward into Oregon.

Highlights of our trip through Oregon were fresh berries, Crater Lake, Portland and of course the very scenic coastline found all along the western edge of the state. After a short visit into Washington’s wine country to visit an old college friend we began our slow descent south.

Crater Lake 013Florence south on 101 018

We really enjoyed our stay in the Portland Oregon area even thought our main reason to be in Portland was to get Sharon’s broken wrist surgically repaired by Portland’s finest. By August we were winding our way through the Redwoods of northern California and all along the western coastline of this very scenic state. Besides the Redwoods highlights in California were visiting San Francisco, swimming with the seals in La Jolla, see lots of whales close up at Avila Beach, attending our first Monday night football game with new friends and touring the area in and around San Diego.

As we entered fall we began a route easterly and visited some spots we enjoyed Redwoods Northern Cali 013103_0046and will return to. The Salton Sea and our visit to Salvation Mountain put us in a very fascinating area. Yuma appears to be an excellent place to winter along the southwestern states and a place we may revisit in the future. Then we continued eastward through Arizona and New Mexico and one again into Texas where we followed the Rio Grande to our current wintering spot here in Mission, Tx.

Since this blog is rather long I think I will make a part two to share with you a blog highlighting the “bests and worst” of 2012…


  1. All in all a good year, except for the fall with wrist mishap.

  2. I really love these year end reviews. Even though I follow along throughout the year, it is nice to get a summary. Kind of like the Christmas Letter, I guess. I still love getting those as well, even from my own kids, and of course I know what they have been doing. It is good to see YOUR perspective and what stood out in your mind from the past year. Thanks for taking the time. Happy travels and looking forward to part 2

  3. Wow its been two years already, we have followed you all along the way and remember the day you guys hit the road, we were in Willis Texas. So much to see and do and us in our seventh year, where doe the time go?
    Glad you are still enjoying the lifestyle, it is awesome!

  4. Gorgeous photos. You two had one wonderful year!

  5. You just reminded me that I had better get busy on my yearly review. I think I'll wait until I get back from my pre-surgery doctor's meeting tomorrow however.

    Like Sue Malone, I enjoy reading these summaries. Thanks. :)

  6. I too really enjoy reading the summaries but have never done one since they seem like quite a bit of work. But it definitely brings a sort of closure and a looking back. It's fun for us in the same way it is for you. We get to remember the places you've taken us to. And I get to remind myself of the ones I've put on my list. So thanks!

  7. Sounds like a great year, hope 2013 is even better!

  8. Loved reading your review and felt lucky to have spent time with you in at least three different states along the way. Looking forward to reading the best and worst list. Happy New Year!

  9. You covered a lot of ground this year. Think of all the exciting places you have ahead of you. Isn't this a great lifestyle!

  10. Except for the broken wrist part, you certainly had a great year. Here's to an even better 2013 ... and no medical mishaps.

  11. Love your photos..Especially the first one of Red Rock in Las Vegas! I have lived in Vegas my whole life and have hiked all over Red Rock...Your photo even included Turtle Head Peak, a tough hike and quite a challenge for me. Next time you are in Vegas, head up to Mt. Charleston. It's 20 degrees cooler, with beautiful pines, aspens and a bristlecone pine forest. Happy New Year and safe journeys!

  12. Sounds like you had a fabulous year. We have not been east yet but visited most of the places you did in NM and further west. Here's to another year filled with grand adventures!