Thursday, January 31, 2013

Between Rockport and Fulton, Texas…

2013-01-21 Rockport Port A 008

The distance between Rockport, TX and Fulton, TX is not very far. In fact the little loop we like to drive is only 13.5 miles round-trip from our RV park (at first I typed resort but I think park fits it better). While both are small Texas coastal towns of less than 10,000 population they both sport their their own sense of community pride.

The towns of Rockport and Fulton are what I would call sister cities and the towns are often referred to as "Rockport-Fulton." Rockport is named for the rocky ledge that runs along its shoreline and now considers itself a fishing village. Fulton is the smaller of the two towns with less than 2,000 people calling it home. But unlike the towns of Bryan, TX and College Station, TX where we once lived these two towns have put their individualities and independence aside for the good of the people and share some city services such as the Rockport-Fulton High School in Rockport that serves both communities.

2013-01-21 Rockport Port A 0212013-01-21 Rockport Port A 0292013-01-21 Rockport Port A 022

But the drive along the coastline is the part we like best as the landscape is reminiscent of the coastlines of the northeastern USA in that there is little beach and more craggy shoreline as oyster shells replace sand on most of the exposed beaches. The oyster has been locally celebrated and revered for the past 32 years during the annual Fulton Oysterfest held in March and is sponsored by the Fulton Volunteer Fire Department. Sadly we will be out of the area long before the celebration or we would surely attend.

This part of the Texas coastline also features large windswept mottes of live oaks. The beauty of each tree has been slowly shaped and carved by the prevailing winds along this part of the coastline. Though short in stature and bent by the wind they still hold for us a unique stately grace.

Lesser Scaup   Redhead

Another treat along this drive is that the bay waters at this time of year are brimming with ducks.  Although we have mostly seen Red Heads and Scaup, often upon closer look we have noted many other species who also call this area home. It is obvious these birds have been visiting this part of Texas long before the “Winter Texans” discovered this place…


  1. It is a very nice small community, much more our style than the larger cities.

  2. Try the Pickled Pelican (near the Fulton-Rockport line) for the belt sander races!

  3. Thanks for the tip about the oyster festival. I LOVE oysters and will put it on the calendar. That said, it really is difficult to plan to be in this place at that time isn't it?

  4. We haven't stayed in that area yet but visited some friends there and really loved the area. Its on the list for a return visit but thanks for reminding me why. :)

  5. Yup, looks like lots of "folks" are enjoying the area this time of year.