Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Copano Bay RV Resort, Rockport, TX…

Cpano Bay RV Resort 008

Copano Bay Resort DockSunday we left Mission, Texas and drove a little over 100 miles for a planned stop in the city of Kingsville, Texas. Why Kingsville? It turns out an old college classmate of mine from when I was majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Texas A&M University is now a professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. He is a very prominent researcher who probably knows more about ocelots and jaguarondi in Texas than anyone else in the world.

Cpano Bay RV Resort 012We got to Kingsville near noon and my friend Mike promised us breakfast tacos if we showed up at his house for lunch. It was as if time had stood still upon seeing him! We reconnected and shared war stories, past and present. It was a real treat to meet his newly graduated college-aged daughter (geeesh where did the time go?) and visit with his wife once again. That two hours flew by and sadly it was time for us to hit the road so we could make it to Rockport before dusk…

Cpano Bay RV Resort 011

Cpano Bay RV Resort 010Another hour plus up the road we pulled into Copano Bay RV Resort where we will stay until February 19th. I was a bit reluctant in booking this place because it had been previously owned (with a different name) and had some fairly negative reviews. As a result I had lowered my expectations which was probably a good thing since this is not a “resort.” It is however, inexpensive ($300 per month plus 21.50 for cable TV) and it is a nice enough spot for us to spend a month enjoying this part of the central Texas coast.

The park definitely shows signs of its age as it has had a rough life along this windy and salty part of the Texas coast. The sites are tight but not really any tighter than those we experienced in Florida. It seems the closer to water the RV park is, the tighter Cpano Bay RV Resort 016the sites become.. just the price one pays to be near the ocean. It seems to be a friendly park so we look forward to hopefully meeting some new friends here as well.

One of the best things I have found in the park is a pier perched over a large salt lake on the bayside of Rockport. Because this dock faces to the west the sunsets and happy hour will go hand-in-hand. I plan to enjoy many sunsets at this park and the serenity they bring…


  1. I love your sunset wine glass picture. There must be a competition somewhere you can win with that one.

  2. You can't beat a sunset happy hour over the water. Enjoy.

  3. Great views for sunset ... will be keeping track of what you do here as it looks like TX is in our future for next winter (if we don't change plans).

  4. Great Sunset- We get the sunrise not the sunset.

  5. The Rockport/Port Aransas area sure beats the RGV!
    Enjoy your stay.

  6. Looks like a lovely place to enjoy a month of sunsets and you can't beat the price. Enjoy!