Monday, January 14, 2013

Meeting Bloggers in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico…


Progreso MX with "CC and Fester"On our first trip to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico we went with a very nice couple from Rochester, NY whom we met here in the park. They were willing to have us tag along since we mentioned never having been and thought it would be best to go with someone who had experience traveling there already..

clip_image001After taking and passing our introductory course on Nuevo Progreso with Joan and Dave we felt comfortable enough to go on our own with our daughter Katie while she was down here in the Valley visiting during Christmas. We had a a blast showing her around town partaking in some of their $1.50 Bohemia and Corona cervezas. Katie picked up some vanilla, a kilo of fresh made corn tortillas and a bottle of Captain Morgan to take back with her for a housewarming celebration planned upon her return home to North Carolina.

Well since we had so much fun the first two times we went we figured we would probably go another time or two before leaving the Valley on January 20th. One morning I was reading blogs and came across “Fester and CC’s” blog,The Next Chapter" Rated RV-13. There was a post about how they frequent Progresso and I left a comment that next time they went to let us know and we would meet them there. After all it is always fun to meet other bloggers…

Progresso Mexico 025Well one day I get an email and “Fester” invited us to meet them this past Friday. We agreed to meet at the international bridge turnstiles at 10:45 am. We got to the bridge pretty much on time and had no problem noticing the smiling Fester and CC there waiting for us. As we made our introductions we found out Fester and “CC” actually have other names! Next we paid our 50 cents to cross the border and I still find it interesting that going into Mexico is as easy as paying 50 cents… I mean you don’t talk to anybody or anything, just simply walk on into town. It is not as quite as easy on the return into the USA.

We immediately went over to the El Disco Shopping Center where there is a small bar named Pancho's located near the front right hand side of the marketplace. We decided that it wasn’t too early to have a drink, after all it was 12:00 somewhere! So the first $1.50 Bohemia of the day for me was in the books… Now Fester and CC are Progreso regulars and as a result know a large contingent of other regulars. Thus, as soon as we sat down we were introduced to about 10 other RV’ers. Thinking this was going to be the group we would be joining we engaged in conversation only to find this group was leaving and we were actually waiting for others to join us.

After another Bohemia they arrived and new introductions were in order… As everyone chatted and learned of each other’s shopping desires in Mexico a plan was in place and our guide CC led the way. As we ambled into and out of one shop after another we learned about many of their preferred purveyors in town from imageFester and CC. Soon it was determined that before we had too many beverages we had better stop for lunch… so off we went to Garcia’s Restaurant, a nice somewhat upscale restaurant – I mean we even had cloth napkins! Sharon and I split a Mexican plate that was very good. Prices were about what you find in the USA but the unique ambiance and friendly staff were priceless. Lunch was about $11.00 including tip and we didn’t buy drinks since we were already carrying some with us when we arrived at the restaurant.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Mexico enjoying both adult beverages and adult conversation… although it may have digressed on a couple of occasions creating laughter and a true vacation atmosphere… Since it was nearing 5:00 pm we decided it best to leave so we paid our 25 cents to leave Mexico (yes it is cheaper to get out than to get in) and made our way through customs.

Another wonderful day was had as we not only enjoyed another day in Mexico but also the opportunity to meet new friends who showed us a great time… How much fun did we have? So much so that we plan to meet Fester and CC again next Friday before we depart the Rio Grand Valley and head to Rockport, Texas.


  1. What fun! We've stayed in the Valley several winters and have always enjoyed our trek across the river. My favorite restaurant.. El Fogaria.. closed a couple of years ago... they were the one with the cabrito on the spit in the window. It's always good hearing about folks who aren't afraid to cross the border.

  2. Always a fun time going across the border into Mexico. Never crossing at Progresso, but a few time in Nogales and Los Algodones. Looks like you had another awesome day.

  3. It was great meeting you both yesterday. Your visits to Mexico sound like fun. We're thinking of taking a trek over the border ourselves!

  4. Fun day ... food, drink, and new friends.

  5. Looks like a great time was had by all! Can't beat the beer prices.

  6. Glad you enjoyed Mexico. Some day you'll have come a little further south though!

  7. What a great day you had !!

    We always grabbed breakfast at the bakery with the live Mariachi band, and lunch was always at the Red Snapper, where margaritas are two for one, and the shrimp is amazing.

    Of course, a bottle of Amarulla on the way back was a necessity !!

    Take care ... TnT

  8. Fun Stuff- we are leaving for Port A tomorrow. Let us know when you get to the area.

  9. Great post. I feel like I was there! BTW, CC has "several" names for me, as you heard firsthand. Thanks for not devulging my true identity as CC claims, "Tight A&&" See ya Friday!

  10. Good to know things are fine there. Last I heard it was a little unsafe. Looks like you all had a great time!