Thursday, January 24, 2013

What’s up in Rockport, Texas?

2013-01-21 Rockport Port A 038

As we neared our departure from the Rio Grande Valley the most asked question was, "why are you leaving the RGV to go to Rockport?" Well, besides the obvious reason that we were only able to get a two month reservation at Bentsen Palm Village RV Park we also wanted to revisit an area that was a vacation place for us when we were much younger living in San Antonio, Texas.

2013-01-21 Rockport Port A 012Once we arrived in Rockport and settled in at our RV park we started making the list of things we wanted to do:

  • take the ferry over to Port Aransas and revisit it… I spent a great deal of my youth there for summer trips during my high school years at South San Antonio High School.2013-01-21 Rockport Port A 030
  • reacquaint ourselves with Rockport, Texas… a place we came to for one of our wedding anniversaries.
  • re-visit the Fulton Mansion… although Sharon has never been to it I helped clear trees from all around the property during a serious tropical storm that downed many trees on the property.
  • get a little coastal fishing in for me and a little beach time for Sharon… we can never get enough of either of these activities.
  • visit Goose Island State Park, Matagorda Island State Park and Aransas National Wildlife Refuge… I still fondly remember when Texas Parks and Wildlife first acquired Matagorda Island and one of my jobs was to do a flora and fauna checklist of the property…
  • several bloggers we have met, and some we haven't are wintering here!2013-01-21 Rockport Port A 037… we hope to reconnect with as many of them as we can and meet as many new future friends as well.
  • eat some fresh seafood… whether it is a fish I catch or the catch of the day at the boat dock, Sharon is on a mission to find good shrimp or oyster po'boy sandwich.

There are other things we plan to do but sometimes it is also nice to simply relax and do nothing!… thankfully we have gotten off to a a good start since the weather here has been fantastic and has us jumping with joy like the White Pelican in this picture…


  1. Did you know that the grounds of Fulton Mansion were once a trailer park? I spent several vacations there when a kid. This was back in the 60s before the State took it over. I have fond memories of fishing with my Dad on the pier that was there and playing in the basement of the mansion. Enjoy Rockport/Fulton!

  2. We did all those activities when we visited Rockport. Really enjoyed our tour of the Mansion.

  3. I'm glad you're up there a little earlier than we are. Now we know what to do. Maybe we'll be able to get together again up there.

  4. They all sound like good reasons to me. We're now seriously considering Texas for next year; friends who are very familiar with the area will do the planning for us (we hope) ;-)

  5. That pelican shot puts a big smile on my face. Sounds like you have a great month of fun things to do ahead of you.

  6. I rode my bike all around Rockport, and spent a lot of time at the beach and around the boat docks.

  7. Have a great time you guys. Captain Tommy's Whooping crane tour is terrific, and we had a very good meal at Latitude 28'02. Nice wine list, fish was well prepared.
    Looks like I better get out the 2014 calendar and make some reservations lest I risk disappointing one of your readers, those "Squared" people a few comments up...

  8. Enjoy the area again, one of our favourite spots, can't wait to get back there.

  9. I think the better question would be, "Why would you stay in one place all winter when there is so much to see?" I don't know if it was Captain Tommy's, but we took a boat ride to see the whooping cranes and it was very exciting to me to see these rare birds.