Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caught in Betty’s Web…

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Betty's Web 027What can I say but three days at Betty’s is simply not enough time to really get to know and enjoy this part of Louisiana. As I mentioned before that first day we drove into the RV park we thought there is no way we would enjoy this spot. After three days we have come to fully understand what “getting caught in Betty’s web” really means. I am sure there will be another stay at Betty’s in our near future.

We had an absolute blast while we stayed here and I will mention a few of the things we did that made our stay here so very enjoyable. One of the greatest times we had in the past two years happened this past Thursday night when we had the opportunity to go to the Magdalen Square in Abbeville, Louisiana where Geno Delafosse was scheduled to play some live music as a fund raiser for the local community.

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Gino’s band plays a genre of music known down in this part of the world as zydeco. Zydeco is described by Wikipedia as a genre of American folk music that evolved from the Cajun style of creole music. A mixture of blues, jazz and African music this wonderfully upbeat sound just makes you get up and move even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer.

The sound of the fast tempo music coming from the accordion played by Geno combined with the other sounds from his band had the crowd dancing  every song.  Even the seated guests were tapping their feet or swaying to the beat. Pretty much everyone staying at Betty;s RV park showed up at this event and danced nonstop to the music until Geno finally stopped playing after about three hours with no real breaks.

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Betty's Web 048The next day we all went to Delcambre, La. to buy some shrimp from a local shrimper named Rene, who was recently named the Shrimp Festival King and his title was stamped on his white waterproof boat boots.  Captain Rene was quite the character as he explained to us about where and how he caught the shrimp.  He even showed the ladies his tattoo when challenged by one of them to do so. It was a perfect tattoo of a “coon ass” right over his belly button… priceless! Betty's Web 049As directed by Betty we lined up with our coolers and placed our orders for the $3.00 per pound of large freshly caught shrimp. Betty ordered 15 pounds as she is fixing a big pot of shrimp gumbo for her guests back at the park tomorrow evening.  Sadly we will miss this event but this three day stay has been nonstop fun in one of Betty's Web 070the friendliest towns we have ever visited.

The biggest attractions to the park are Betty herself and the people she welcomes in her park.It appears as if she preselects only the right people to come here. Everyone we talked to was interesting and fun and the 4:30 daily happy hours may sometimes resemble Senior Citizens on Spring Break. Betty is such a fascinating and high energy person that you can see very easily why so many people actually get caught up in Betty;s Web… we obviously have…

We leave today for New Orleans and a short stay at Bayou Segnette State Park and after that we are not yet sure…


  1. We were at Betty's over our anniversary. She suggested a bar with a fabulous Zydeco band. We had a super time.

    We stayed at Bayou Segnette State Park. It is a simple easy drive into NOLA. We never took the ferry. Parking was easy also. Safe travels.

  2. Amazing you happened upon such an unusual park. She sounds like a real character.

  3. Being married to a "coon ass" for almost 24 years, I am sure we would love to stop at Betty's one of these days when down in the area visiting family. $3.00 a pound shrimp - can't beat it! Would have loved to have sampled Betty's gumbo.

    In Len's part of SW Louisiana they dump a scoop of potato salad in their gumbo. (their potato salad is more like lightly mashed potatoes with mayo and mustard instead of milk and butter). Don't knock it - it's really good!

    I always know when he's homesick - on goes the CD's of his "French music". All sounds the same to this Yankee.

    Glad to hear you got a chance to taste that special culture.

  4. I just knew it when you sounded skeptical. Yours is the latest in the list of blogs I've read about folks just loving Betty's and the town. Can't wait until we can get there. Put in a good word for us with Betty won't you??

  5. Hmmmm .... I wonder what the heck our problem is.

    We just did not seem to get what all the fuss was about with Betty's RV Park.

    Guess we need some reprogramming ... lol.

    Glad it was a smashing success for you ... TnT

  6. Thanks for some great tips as we are planning to explore LA in the near future.

  7. Just love southern LA and will surely have to stop buy Betty's next time thru.

  8. Love Zydeco music. Sounds like a great time. We might have to give Betty's a spin.

  9. We stayed at Betty's a few years ago. What a cool experience! We hope to see Betty again the next time we are in Southern Louisiana.