Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Visit to Pinehurst, NC…

Heritage Campground 050

Heritage Campground 046No trip to this part of North Carolina’s Sandhills region is complete without visiting the village of Pinehurst in Moore County. A small village of just under 10,000 residents it is home to the Pinehurst Resort a well known spot to golfers worldwide. In fact the Pinehurst Resort will host the PGA Golf Championships in 2014. What does this mean to the economy here? Well if you simply look at the RV park we are staying at for $400 per month, the Heritage Campground 042rate for a 15 day stay during the PGA Event will change to a tidy sum of $1125.00. I trust they will get it and probably be packed during this event.

Our daughter Katie and her roommate came over to Heritage Campground to stay with us the past weekend. So of course we took them over to the cool little village of Pinehurst. The single largest attraction other than the golf courses in Pinehurst has to be the Carolina Inn. The Carolina Inn has been open to guests since 1901 This magnificent century old hotel complete with its “signature copper cupola and sweeping verandas make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to anHeritage Campground 053 era when elegance defined grand hotels and resorts.”  As beautiful as it is a stay here it is not cheap as the lowest rate available at this time is for $222 per person, not per room. At least it includes both breakfast and dinner…

Spring in Pinehurst is a particularly nice time to visit as the dogwoods and azaleas in late April and early May will be in full bloom making this very picturesque village all the more a treat to the eyes. After we walked around the Pinehurst Resort grounds and spent some time in the rocking chairs on the Heritage Campground 032veranda of the Carolina Inn we strolled over to the small but quaint village. There were a few square blocks of shops catering mostly to the higher socioeconomic classes has shops that offer some fine wines, exotic olive oils, and high end consumer goods. We even noticed a few nice spots to enjoy a cold adult beverage inside or outside on a garden terraces.

We will visit this little town often while staying nearby to watch the changing of its colors as the azaleas reach their peak colors very soon…


  1. A beautiful little town for sure. Seems like you are in the heart of spring now with Azaleas and dogwoods. They are a bit late this year in Virginia where I hear they are all abloom in my hometown of Charlottesville, another if your college towns.

  2. Glad you were able to spend time with Katie. I only thought of Pinehurst as a golf course; the town itself looks quite inviting, especially with all the spring flowers blooming.

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while. We started full-timing this year after reading the many wonderful stories on hitchitch. Our children are Aggies. Just love A&M. We moved to NC while they were there and love Pinehurst..especially the Pub. Another city worth visiting is Carrboro..many artists (Mike Roig). Also the OuterBanks are beautiful...but long route to get there. Have fun..maybe we will cross paths. We are in KS headed to SD but waiting on the weather.

    1. Your kids will do fine if they are Aggies... We were in Carrboro yesterday as we love to buy a bottle of wine and get some bread and cheese from the coop and sit under the oaks and simply enjoy life fully... hope we cross paths some day!

  4. Spring time in North Carolina....lucky you!