Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heritage Campground, Carthage, NC…

Heritage Campground 008

Heritage Campground 036

As Saturday morning rolled around we watched most of the other class participants of the Freightliner School take off and head back home. As the only full timers attending the class we took, we were, of course last to leave. Got to love this lifestyle as there is no real sense of time… of having to get somewhere fast or having to hurry up and leave. We made our coffee and had a nice breakfast before finally rolling out around 10:30 am.

From Gaffney, SC we made our way into North Carolina and traveled through Charlotte NC. Another 100 or so miles down the road and we Heritage Campground 003came to the entrance of the Heritage Campground in Carthage, North Carolina. We found this campground two years ago while staying in the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area. Now we didn’t stay here last time because we were apprehensive driving our motorhome down the 6 tenths of a mile narrow dirt road that was lined with pine trees. Now that I have a couple of years of driving Abbey all over the USA I had no worries about getting us into our our site.

Heritage Campground is a privately owned park that is adjacent to a beautiful and scenic spring fed lake. Each site consists of a nicely appointed space covered with mature pine trees and has a foundation of hard packed sand – resembling concrete. Our site had been recently raked and thus free of pine needles and cones. We have a small fence on one side that gives us a sense of a “yard” and we have ample space between our rig and others.

Heritage Campground 061Heritage Campground 060

There is a mix of transients such as us, permanent residents, and temporary residents who travel to this area frequently for work. The park has several nice amenities such as the nice little beach and swimming area in the spring fed lake. We came here for several reasons… one we to visit with our daughter who lives nearby. Another reason is that we really love this area in the spring time as there is plenty to do. And lastly we are here since we felt as if we may be far enough north for this time of year weather wise and thus, need to stay a south a while before heading any further north.

Heritage Campground 035Therefore, since the Freightliner class brought us further north than we had originally planned to be in April we went ahead a booked a month long stay here at Heritage Campground. Although we actually might only stay 3 weeks or so it is much more economical to book a month-long stay so that's what we did. Four hundred dollars plus utilities will allow us to enjoy some upcoming spring festivals and fun little places we discovered last time we traveled through this area. This is the first time we have returned to a place we have been before not counting the Gaffney Service Center stay and our old home College Station, TX. We are interested to see if we like it as much as we did the first time we visited this area… stay tuned…


  1. Looks like a nice place to hang out for a while, enjoy it until the weather gets a bit warmer, before heading further north.

  2. Yea, we are always amazed at some places great monthly rates. That is especially nice since it is in an you like staying anyway.

  3. Close enough to the Etheridge's too? Driving down the narrow lane looks a little intimidating.

  4. My ears/eyes perked up when you mentioned festivals in your blog. The North Carolina Pickle Festival is April 26-27 in Mount Olive. Think about it. I'd love to show you around.

  5. Oops! I meant to give you a link: http://www.ncpicklefest.org/

  6. North Carolina in the spring sounds so nice!

    That dirt road looks a bit narrow at the curve. I'm still nervous about roads like that.