Thursday, April 11, 2013

Made it to Gaffney, SC–Freightliner Service Center…

waiting area in service center

Since we only had a drive of 90 miles or so to make it over to Gaffney, South Carolina we weren’t in a big hurry to leave Hartwell Lake State Park. We decided to take a nice long walk around the lake shore before leaving and finally pulled out of our site by 11:00 am. As we neared Gaffney a representative from the Freightliner Service Center in Gaffney, SC called us to inform us of a brake recall that existed for our motorhome that Gaffney Welcom Signhasn’t been completed. I was totally unaware of this recall and consider myself pretty much on top of these things. They asked if we could get to Gaffney by 1:30 pm so they could start on our rig right away since this recall would take some time to accomplish. Score! Not only was I unaware of the recall but we were going to the best place to have it fixed. Thanks for the heads up Freightliner!

We pulled in and unhitched the car and no sooner had we done so a Freightliner mechanic came out to discuss what was going to be done on Abbey. He asked us if we had any questions and he took Abbey straight to a bay to begin work on her. We drove into town and had lunch at an east coast fast food eatery called Cook Out. Inexpensive and quite tasty… and yes we will eat at another one of these places once of these days. As we returned to see Abbey we were told that they would need more time to finish the bays in service centerwork which was fine by us since we will be attending the Freightliner Class Thursday Morning.

Thursday morning comes bright and early now that we are on the eastern time zone. The first day of class at Camp Freightliner starts this morning. We have been on the road now for a bit over two years so why take the Freightliner class now? I thought we might not learn anything worth while at Camp Freightliner after two years on the road but then I realized I would probably learn more now that I would have when we first started. When we first hit the road a class such as this may have been information overload for us but now that we know a little bit more about our rig I am looking forward to learning much more from this class.


  1. Your blog post inspired me to see if I can find out more info about our chassis. . .although we've traveled in a fifth wheel for the past ten years. . .the Class A is a whole new learning curve. . .

    It's always great to get ideas from other RV'ers. . .thanks,

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. We look forward to hearing your key learnings. Vic says he could use a refresher as he took the class before we went on the road.

  3. Good choice on taking the Freightliner course, you can never learn too much.

  4. Excellent news that you can get the recall taken care of. Enjoy your school!

  5. I agree with you that you will get more out of the class now that you've been on the road a while and particularly be able to ask questions important to you. The brake thing sounds like serendipity to me. Really fine!

  6. Great news that you can get the recall taken care of !!

    It is very true that you will understand more now that you have experienced living with the rig for a couple of years.

    It is fun learning new things, when we are interested in the subject. Not like our school years ... lol.

    Take care ... TnT

  7. Just wanted to say "Hi" and I'm glad you're back in the east. I hope we'll have a chance to get together. I spent some time with Aunt Frances today and she still comments on how much your last visit with her means to her. She sends her love.

    Love you, MJ