Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on Early Spring in North Carolina…

Heritage Campground 001

Heritage Campground 012As we mentioned in our last blog one reason we are staying put in this part of North Carolina for a month is to let the mother nature catch up to us. We left the Rio Grande Valley of Texas several months ago but every since we left that part of the Lone Star State we have been staying where ever spring was beginning to peek out. Well we have now gotten a bit too far north and spring is just starting here…

One of my favorite seasons is spring! The Flowering Dogwoods (header photo), Azaleas and Yellow Jasmine are the early bloomers in this part of the world. What I like most about spring is the that all the plants seemingly have a new lease on life and the rebirthing of the greenery abounds everywhere. Other than the beautiful wildflowers that are displayed each spring I love the brilliant “fresh” greens that emerge from the buds of the trees. The color of green new born leaves have is a color that seemingly exists in nature only during the briefest time in early spring.

Heritage Campground 004     Heritage Campground 011

Right after these new leaves emerge they begin to resemble miniature likenesses of the mature leaves found on the plant they inhabit. The freshness of this color of green is due to the fact that these leaves have not had the time to fully armor themselves from the elements. They have not had to weather the blistering sun and the detrimental elements that mother nature will undoubtedly cast upon them. When they due they will lose this vibrant color of green and take on a darker and less brilliant shade of green resembling most leaves of all the other species trying to conquer the elements.

Heritage Campground 032   Heritage Campground 037

Heritage Campground 039Depicted in today’s blog are some of the early budding trees found in much of the Southeastern Forests found in much of the forested southeastern USA. As I pen this blog other spring creatures are emerging as I am listening to the ethereal sound of the wood thrush. For those of you who have not heard this song (or were unaware you did) you should take the time out of your day to absorb the trill and melodic sounds the spring denizens emit.

The colors and sounds of spring are equal to those of fall… This nomadic lifestyle allows us to enjoy extended versions of my two favorite seasons…


  1. Beautiful spring pictures. I had to go to to hear the voice of the wood thrush. Seems they are only in the eastern half of the US so I probably will never hear one in person. They have a beautiful song.

  2. Spring has yet to come where we are. Love the flowers, longing to them here.

  3. Love your photos and descriptions of North Carolina's signs of spring. I can never name the sounds of springs, but you have motivated me more to learn the songs of the wood thrush and other notable springtime warblers.

  4. Yeah enjoy a bit more time there, not much springing here yet, couple more weeks will be better.

  5. A lovely post Heyduke. I seem to have missed several of your re ent ones and am goo.g back to catch up. I so agree with you and had as one of my goals to follow spring north one year and fall south. I may need your advise about when to be where.

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