Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wausau, Wisconsin…

Wausau WI 003

Wausau WI 038We left Ashland, WI with a bit of trepidation since we really liked this little town and the fabulous views of Lake Superior from our campsite… but the weather forecast was for overnight lows in the 40’s and highs in the low 60’s so we headed south about 79 miles and spent a night boondocking at the Lake of the Torches Casino at Luc Du Flambeau, WI.

We pulled into the casino lot and asked at the main desk if it was okay to stay overnight. They pointed us across the street to a grassy area near a gas station. Not the nicest spot in town but better than the parking lot of the casino. We set up the motorhome and went back to the casino where we signed up for some players cards and the typical free cash to play the slots. An hour or so later we left with about eight bucks of their cash (I know, big winners right?). Since we had made out like bandits we drove south to the town of Minocqua and spent all our winnings on some crafted beers at the Minocqua Brewing Co. Tasty beverages and a fantastic lounge with a great view to enjoy them. After a few cold ones we went back to the casino lot and slept into the night.

Wausau WI 040Wausau WI 039

Wausau WI 064The next morning we drove about 85 miles and pulled into Marathon Park in Wausau, Wisconsin. This site only has electricity (50 amps at our site) and it is in the middle of town. Normally that wouldn’t sound very good to us but this park is situated among hundred-year-old White Pine trees that are absolutely gorgeous. They block out all the sound of the roads and city nearby so we booked four days here and may even stay a fifth day…

After we set up a young couple walking the park came by curious about our being from Texas.  They were so happy we happened upon this area and gave us their short list of their favorite things to do.  We are sure finding these Wisconsin folks to be extremely welcoming!  After the chat we decided to drive over to check out the town and found it to be an active and vibrant downtown square. Lucky for us there was a Wednesday concert in the park series that featured an all female band called the Whiskey Belles. They were a pretty good country and western band with a mix of some bluegrass.The park was filled with an eclectic mix of folks… everything from blue collar workers swilling Busch light to white collar ladies sipping nice Cabernets in tall wine glasses… It really didn’t matter what socio economic class you were in because every one here was having a great time…

Wausau WI 004Wausau WI 008

The next day we drove into Weston, the town just across the river to play a round of Disc Golf at Yellow Banks Park.  It was not the best Disc Golf course we have played on but we had a great time nonetheless. Are we going to like this little town? I think so especially since it has three microbreweries, two other disc golf courses to check out, some good hiking close by at Rib Mountain and in the nearby Dells area …Oh, and Sharon is now on a mission to try the "best cheese curds in Wisconsin" at Mullin’s Cheese Shop as per the recommendation from that friendly couple we met.


  1. Back in the dark ages, I was a camp counselor for the summer outside of Minocqua. I bet things have changed a lot since 1967.

  2. We love finding small places like this, that's the fun of travelling in an RV and just taking little steps instead of climbing in and going who knows how many miles in a day along the interstate and missing out on many of these little gems.


  3. We are in Eagle River WI not to far from where you are but our plan in to where you came from -Ashland.
    We entered Wisconsin from Michigan towards the Door County (exceptional).
    Have a great trip.

    1. funny we are now where you were in Door County...

  4. Nothing like some beers bought with somebody else's money! :c)

  5. 3 microbreweries and free concerts- sounds like a good town.

  6. Love the smaller town that we can stumble on when moving around.
    And with tags on your vehicles, it does often stimulate people to chat with you.