Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fulltimers decelerate time… news at 11…

Jacksonville FL day 1 007

Jacksonville FL day 1 011We had originally planned to take two days to drive the 245 miles from Carrabelle over to Jacksonville Florida but with the impending change in weather heading to Florida we decided to stay one more day in Carrabelle and enjoy the near 80 degree day. The advantage to not making many reservations is this freedom to change your plans on a moments notice. Our last day in Carrabelle was spent much the same as most of the days we spent along the forgotten coast of Florida, at the beach… This last day was particularly fruitful for fishing as I was able to haul in some really nice gafftopsail catfish. All of which were carefully fileted and stored in our trusty freezer. I did have to polish off the last of our Bluebell Pralines and Cream ice cream but it was worth the sacrifice to make room for the fresh fish.

Jacksonville FL day 1 005The next morning we broke camp early since we had a good 5 hour drive and I like to be in camp by no later than 3 pm on travel days. We left Sunset Isle RV and Yacht Resort near 9 a.m. which may be the earliest start for us ever. As we drove down the end of the road by the resort we had changed over into the Eastern Time Zone and with daylight savings kicking in soon we would have to change time again in just a few days. It was cloudy with an occasional sprinkle of rain as we made our way east. When we stopped at a rest area to have lunch we saw a fellow towing a Rolls… must be nice! The drive on over to Jacksonville was much easier than I anticipated since I knew we would be on Interstate 10 a good part of the way. Luckily, the traffic load was fairly light.

Jacksonville FL day 1 012As we pulled into Katherine Abbey Hanna park we were happy to see our old friend. We stayed here a couple of years ago when we visited the Mayo for our physicals and liked it so much we are staying here again for the same reason. We set up and took a stroll around the park to see if anything had changed. The only changes we saw was they had completed all the conversions of the power poles from 30 amp only to 30/50 amps. This park is a slice of old Florida as we are in the midst of a Live Oak-Palmetto woodland with Palm trees piercing the Live Oaks canopy every now and then… just beautiful here.

The rains arrived here all day Saturday as expected so we sat mostly inside and watched some college football. We did get out to do the necessary grocery shopping and drove around the neighborhood as well.

Jacksonville FL day 1 022     Jacksonville FL day 1 021

I mentioned earlier that as fulltimers we have the opportunity to change our plans easily but what I didn’t know is that we can also accelerate time… How did we do this? Well, since we were on Central Time when we left Carrabelle and entered into Eastern Time we decided to not change our clocks to reflect our changing time zones. Why? With daylight savings only a few days away by not changing our clocks we more easily transitioned over to eastern time. Thus we eliminated the need to advance the clocks and adjust to a new time.. We simply ignored it all and accelerated time an hour for a few days… We fulltimers are very powerful people when you give us a little freedom…


  1. This looks like a terrific park. Thanks for the tip and what a great idea to deal with the stupid spring and fall thing. Why do we do this again??

  2. Would that be 11 CDT, EDT, or EST? Or, when you are retired, does it really matter? Keep those 80 degree days coming. Only 45 days to FL!

  3. We had the opposite problem -- traveling west, we lost an hour entering Central Time Zone, then lost another hour overnight for the Daylight Savings Time switch. At 7 pm it felt like 9 pm, so we went to bed and now I'm up at 4:00 a.m.!! Oh well, as you say, we're retired, so if I get sleepy later I'll just take a nap! -- Dianne

  4. The great rules about full timing is that there is no rules, and no real schedules that we ned to keep most of the time. Enjoy your great Florida weather.