Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pellicer Creek Campground…

St Augustine FL 003

We have been here almost a week and other than a little road noise from nearby Highway 1 this has been a real nice little place to stay. This park may not have a ton of amenities but it perfectly located to explore both St. Augustine and the Palm Coast areas of Florida. Combine that with their Good Sam’s discounted weekly rate we plan on staying another week here.

St Augustine FL 001We are enjoying exploring this area and will continue to enjoy it the additional week we plan to stay. However we would really have preferred to move on to the Orlando area for week instead. Why don’t we? Well as it turns out, I have another appointment at the Mayo scheduled this next Tuesday and this is the main reason we have added the additional week here. I had a mole taken off last week at the Mayo that turned out to be an in situ melanoma… sigh!!! Nothing to overly worry about as these in situ or stage 0 skin cancers are 99% curable but still not the news we had expected to hear from the Mayo. I think I would rather deal with motorhome issues! However, C'est la vie we can’t always have good news in our lives… and for now we are both looking forward to our winter stay in Bonita Springs.

The weather has been a bit dicey with the some of the early season cold fronts coming through but even with a little rain here there is no puddling on the RV sites. The park has paved roads and pads and the sites are well sized. There are only about 30 sites in this park and the owner is well motivated to ensure that his customers are always happy. He is a friendly fellow who isn’t afraid to put some money back into his park. They even recently put fresh grass sod on any area that was a bit bare and while we were staying on our site there were several landscape plantings added.

St Johns Music Fest 022St Johns Music Fest 023

There is a small club house with a laundry room but you won’t find a workout facility or pool here. However, one nice feature is the park is adjacent to Pellicer Creek and they have build a access point to the creek that is perfect for launching canoes or kayaks from. We plan to take our inflatable kayak on Pellicer Creek at least once before we leave this area.

St Augustine FL 005Hopefully before getting to Bonita Springs we will be able to spend some time near the Tampa/Bradenton area since we really have only briefly explored this part of Florida. Also several of our RV buddies will be in this area as well… We have read a lot of blogs about this area and hope to not only visit some of our friends but see some of the nifty things we have read about…


  1. Hope we are on the visit list :). Catherine had an in-situ melanoma in 1996. It is nothing to mess around with but if they make sure the margins are clear it should be good to go.

  2. Best to take care of any health issue prior to moving on.

  3. Saying a prayer that your next appointment will be uneventful.

    Great park. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Sorry to hear the reason you are staying but it's good that you have such a nice place. We were in Tampa for a long time in 2012 but hardly saw anything in the area but Moffitt Cancer Center and Quail Run RV park so I'll be very interested in what you explore there.

  5. Hopefully the results will be a good news for you.
    In the meantime enjoy the area before moving on.

  6. Looks like a nice place to hang out, but sorry for the reason you extended your stay there. I am sure you will be in good hands with the Mayo Clinic treating you. Hope to see you on the Gulf side!

  7. Hope you get good news at your next Mayo visit.