Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More Beach Time and Short Term Plans…

bonita in january 046

bonita in january 027Wow this two month stay is sure going by fast! I wondered how we would handle staying in the same spot for two months especially since it is in a location we have been  before.. For the most part we have enjoyed this stay as it has allowed us to fall into sort of a routine much like we had when we were working stiffs.The difference being that included in this routine, is quality beach time…

Our favorite beach to visit is on Little Hickory Island. Nestled among the million dollar homes is this nice white sandy beach with 10 free parking access points along the road. The parking is very limited so a bit of luck is needed especially in January yet we have found that if we go a little after lunch we normally score a free parking spot.

bonita in january 029bonita in january 030

Along this beach  most often do a little fishing and Sharon relaxes with a book. After I fish a bit we meander along the shoreline for an extended stroll to check out the shells, the surf, the ever present dolphins and  to watch the abundant pelicans diving in to the “all you can eat sushi bar” nailing baitfish on nearly every attack into the water. We find it is always fun to watch and admire the skill these birds posses in sighting and catching the bait fishes.

bonita in january 037

As January approaches the mid point we have planned a small road trip that will include a stop at the Tampa RV show. The Tampa RV Show is one that we have always wanted to attend so this year we will do just that. Unfortunately it is 150 miles from here but lucky for us as some of our Illinois RV’ing friends are staying in Bradenton and asked us to come for a visit and to spend the night. We decided that was a great idea allowing for not only the fun reunion time with these good friends but the opportunity for all of usl hit the RV show together on Thursday..image

Sharon’s cousin who we visited near Detroit this summer is staying near Vero Beach and wants us to visit as well. So after the RV show we switch Florida coasts and visit him as his sister, another of Sharon’s cousins, flies in Thursday.  We will stay Friday and Saturday and then amble our way back over Bonita Springs.  On the trip back we will be checking out some of the interior Florida RV parks.. We are actually looking forward to this little Florida getaway and a break from our new Florida routine… And who knows, maybe we will even be able see some of you at the Tampa RV show on Thursday!!!


  1. Rats- Catherine has spanish class on Thursday so we are going either tomorrow or Friday.

    1. well we still have to go thru Tampa one more time as we head west maybe we can meet up then if it works out...

  2. We're at E.G. Simmons and plan to go to the show tomorrow too. BUT we may come back Thursday afternoon. Would be great to see you if you are there. Love the sound of that beach hope it's close by though if you need luck for parking. Great pictures!

  3. If you are checking out interior RV parks, you will go right past River Ranch on 60. Go in there and drive back the 3.5 miles to the RV Park in the back. Its Westgate Dude Ranch in the front and the park is in the back. Drive around there and see if you like it. We love it. The lots are beautiful and the people are very friendly.

  4. Glad you will get to the Tampa show. It is amazing.

  5. Can't wait to read about the Tampa RV show. I've got a case of new coach fever and I'm sure the only cure is 'window sticker' shock!

  6. That first pelican picture is just perfect!

  7. I have yet figured out how to do the map and our RV route. Can you tell me how you do it Thanks