Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A South Florida Drive; Next… Tampa for Tires!

Last Bonita Days 131Last Bonita Days 122Wrapping up our four day stay here in Labelle means we will be heading northwest toward the Camping World in Tampa, Florida. I called around several places before finally finding a place that was able to get the Goodyear G670 RV tires we needed. I really wanted to switch over to Michelins but since we already had to replace two Goodyear tires this past year it didn’t make sense to not to go ahead with the more pricey Goodyear  tires.
While staying in Labelle we visited a few of their restaurants in town. We tried the Log Cabin Bar B Q to try their highly recommended pulled pork dinner and I have to admit it was pretty good. Not as smoky as I would prefer but certainly above average even by our Texas standards. We also tried a local Mexican food restaurant but found the food there to be simply average and but nothing to write home about.
Labelle Florida 009We also took a drive over to Clewiston, Florida and checked out a few more of the interior RV parks along the way. We didn’t find them to be as nice as we had expected  but we did find one that was really nice near Labelle called River Bend Motor Coach Resort. It is a motor coach only park but it is exquisite with great water features, large sites and impeccable landscaping. It is however, a bit out of our price range. The Glades Resort was another more affordable park we checked out but it seemed very similar to the one we are staying at in Labelle. Near Clewiston we found Okeechobee Landing RV Park. It was an interesting park in that the entire park was occupied by people from Quebec as we saw very few auto tags from anywhere else. A great park for all you French speakers but not for those of us who don’t speak French!
Labelle Florida 011
Without beaches nearby we figured it would take a pretty fabulous, activity-filled park to lure us away from the Bonita Springs area.  None of those we visited fit that bill.
Labelle Florida 005Another day we drove west of town to check out the Caloosahatchee Regional Park and took a very nice hour long hike along the river. Since we were close to Seminole RV Resort, a place we stayed at two years ago, we also stopped by there to take a look. The owners have done some nice upgrades since we left and the park is looking pretty spiffy. If it wasn't so far from the beach I am sure we would happily stay there again.
To finish off the afternoon reminiscing about this area we decided to visit Hogbody's, a small mom and pop restaurant/bar near Seminole. Afterall it was Tuesday night and they were running their wing special along with their normal happy hour making for a fun and inexpensive dinner…
We have a 1:00 pm appointment at Camping World, Tampa for the new tires then will check in to Hillsborough State Park. We will stay at the state park for two days unless we can somehow hopefully extend through the weekend…


  1. We've spent many nights at Hillsborough River State Park and always enjoyed it. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the tours through interior RV parks. Like you, I prefer the beaches or a nice river to kayak on. Hillsborough SP has one of those but I wonder if the water is too low now. Good luck with the tires. Nothing more important for safety that's for sure.

  3. On our coach we put two Bridgestone tire on the front and the following year 4 Michelins on the rear and year and we will begin the process all over again, but all Michelins this time.

  4. Hope your tire thing goes good. We just put on 6 new ones on the rig before parking it in November, so we are ready to roll in a few weeks.... whew, hurt the pocketbook ,but now Baby has "new shoes"!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Them there tires are kinda an important item to us RVers for sure. ha-ha

  6. Hillsborough State Park sure is full this time of year....we are luck in that we have two nights there on the 17th and 18th which I booked three days ago. Hope you can find a good spot for the weekend, doubt it will be there. --Dave (

  7. I wouldn't do two brands of tires either.

  8. Wish you had stopped by to say hello as you drove through Seminole Campground. We're enjoying our stay here and would have liked to see you again.

    1. we walked all through the park but not many folks around - forgot that you were there and for sure would have looked for you if we had remembered...

  9. We have exactly the same tire problem. We replaced the two front tires last year and now need to replace the back. Guess we will stay with Goodyear, as well.

    It's tough to find that perfect park near the beach without paying quite a bit more, especially for a nice park.

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