Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ho Hum…

Ho Hum RV Park 007
Ho Hum RV Park 010We left Suwanee River RV Rendezvous a little earlier than we normally do since the weather forecast predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms to pass through the area.. Before leaving we went over to Grandma Susie’s Cookin' Shack to order two Wimpy Specials (one egg, one sausage, hash browns and rye toast.… a whopping $5.35 and we didn’t have to clean up afterwards… priceless! We finished up breakfast and went back to finish packing up in preparation to hit the road. We went about 116 miles this day.
Ho Hum RV Park 012
Leaving the park we headed west and it wasn’t even an hour down the road I could see the front coming through and warned Sharon that we were about to get some heavy rain and wind… so hold on!!! Sure enough the wind hit and I slowed to about 45 mph.  Next came the the rain… monsoonal like. It lasted for about 10 minutes and then we made it through the rough stuff. The rest of the trip we encountered moderate to light rain with light winds.
Ho Hum RV Park 026We arrived at Ho Hum RV Park just east of Carrabelle, Florida around 12:30 and the rain had stopped with the sun actually peeking out of the clouds. The fellow who checked us in said he was sure happy we brought the good weather because they had early morning heavy rain for about two solid hours… I guess our ten minutes of heavy rain and wind didn’t compare to what they experienced. This is a nice little park right on the Gulf of Mexico and a great place to spend a few days…
Ho Hum RV Park 016Lucky for us the weather was great the rest of the day. We settled in and walked all along the beach.  I even had time for a little time fishing on the park’s private pier. I didn’t catch anything nor did I even get a bite. The Cormorants just offshore were having a lot better luck fishing than I did, but I still enjoyed the day as the weather turned out waaaay better than forecasted.
The next day we relaxed and spent some time on the beach just west of Carrabelle. I tried my hand at fishing once again to no avail. We went into town and decided to try a cold beverage at a little tavern called Harry’s. The beer was cheap and cold but unfortunately they allow smoking in this bar and it was nearly unbearable with the thick smoky air inside. One beer and we were out of there..
Ho Hum RV Park 013
Next up we hope for more beach time at Henderson Beach State Park near Destin Florida where we reserved two nights…
NOTE: Sigh… I woke up to a Severe Thunderstorm Warning so we will have to watch the weather for an opportune time to leave this morning…


  1. Few things I hate more than driving in wind and rain. Hope you find a window to get to Henderson Beach. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it. Great pictures today. Ho Hum is such a cute place. Sounds like you were there two days? I especially like your starfish. I too take pictures of shells, sand dollars and starfish rather than "collecting" them. Yesterday I saw people with bags of shells in each hand. I felt sorry for those who walk the beach after them and don't get to enjoy what they've taken.

  2. We drove through Henderson Beach state park last year and it looked wonderful. Our coach was getting a new fridge so we stayed with friends in Destin, a busy area. Enjoy the beach, hopefully you will have great weather.

  3. Henderson is just beautiful.....the bathrooms are the best ever :O) STORMS....gheez this morning a flash flood....indeed! The lightening sends you out of the bed....not much sleeping ... rain for a couple more days too! I think a nap is in store for us today! Check out the Donut Hole in Destin for breakfast!

  4. Thanks for the memory of Ho Hum. We had a Gulf-front site and don't know how one could ever be closer to the water.

  5. Ho-Hum sounds like a nice park! Wind is the stuff that keeps me awake at night here on the Oregon Coast. Thinking Florida is in my future for next winter.

  6. Loved the name of the RV park! Glad you are safe and sound from the weather…can be scary some times, especially when you have to drive in it!

  7. We had to dodge a few thunderstorms the last time we traveled that way too. Hopefully, the bad weather all blows over in time for your arrival at Henderson. If you have time, it's fun to explore the nearby "fake" towns of Watercolor, Seaside, and Rosemary.

    Love the starfish photo.

  8. Wind in a tall motorhome.... Not good...