Friday, February 21, 2014

Kayaking the Suwanee River and Moving to Carrabelle, Florida…

Suwanhee River day trips 021Suwanhee River day trips 022Our last few days the weather has been absolutely fabulous as we have hit the 80 degree temperature mark and as a result we have spent some time on the water. We inflated our toy boat, errr kayak, and put it in the beautiful and very calm Suwanee River.
We planned to paddle a good ways up stream and then take a leisurely float back downstream to where we put in. I knew there was a fairly good current after having watched the river the last few days but it appeared as if we could stay close to the shore and make some nice Suwanhee River day trips 020upstream progress. Well once we got in it appeared as if my hopes were wrong as the current was quite a bit more powerful than I had wished.
None the less I paddled our little toy boat upstream until I couldn’t paddle any longer. This strategy worked out just fine as we were able to float down stream back to our starting point with very little effort on my part. There are a lot of limestone rocks along the banks that have eroded into nice, scenic features and have resulted in many caves Suwanhee River day trips 023being exposed along the shoreline. We also spotted several magnificent Red Shouldered Hawks perched in some of the snags and still leafless Bald Cypress trees.
We had hoped to spend more time on the river but this resort has a fantastic pool and hot tub so the rest of our time was spent on this much more placid and current free water… Man it had been a while since I was in a hot tub and I almost forgot how wonderful they can be!
Suwannee River Rendezvous RV Park 015Today we are leaving this nice park to heading toward the Forgotten Coast once again where we have two nights booked at the Ho Hum Park near Carabelle, Florida. The weather looks like it is taking yet another turn for the worse so I guess we won’t be getting any quality beach time like we had hoped.  I guess that’s okay as we will still find ways to enjoy the days somehow…


  1. We tried to paddle that river one time and had very tired arms. At least you did not get hit by a sturgeon :)

  2. Such a nice area there, glad you got to enjoy it.

  3. We paddled that river last year and remember the current being stronger than we thought it would be.

    I have no doubt you two will enjoy yourselves regardless of the weather. Safe travels through the storm.

  4. We paddled the same river last winter with the Paddle Florida. it was lots of fun. We've even stayed the Ho Hum Park when we first started full timing. It's a sleepy town with some great beaches and kayaking nearby. Enjoy!

  5. Really great pictures. We want to paddle that river and are forewarned to plan it as you did. Hope the weatherman is wrong about your days at Ho Hum.

  6. Glad you got a paddle in.

    Let's hope the weathermen are wrong again this week:)

  7. Nice to see this part of the Suwanee. We loved our paddle farther downstream near Manatee Springs. Laughing about your toy boat comments...any boat in a storm I say, or on a river for that matter.