Monday, May 5, 2014

Getting the whole family together…

Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 120

Whew…Not a lot of time to blog while we have had seven people staying at the motorhome here at Lake Pointe RV resort in Canyon Lake, Tx… I never knew we could sleep seven in the RV but we made it happen. We really enjoyed this gathering of all the Hintons sharing memories, taking walks around the resort, playing washers and relaxing in the evenings watching sunsets over the lake.  My son and his family had to leave Sunday so now it is down to just  three of us as our daughter Katie will still be staying here until Friday.

Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 121 Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 091

I need to also start planning our route out of Texas soon especially since we have Memorial Day looming…  The following pictures are our future reminder of the Hinton Clan all being together for the first time in a long, long time…Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 114

Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 015Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 094

Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 118Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 117

It is so nice that even though we are now on the road full time we can still manage to all get together for some quality family time…


  1. So much fun and so many memories, so nice to enjoy!

  2. Wow...7 people. I bet the kids loved it. Sounds like a wonderful time. Always great to make memories with family.

  3. People have said they see their family members more after they went fulltiming than they did before.

  4. How wonderful that you could have them all there with you. When the kids grow up that is often hard to impossible to do unless you all live in the same town which is pretty rare these days. Where in the world did you sleep them all?? I'm trying to figure out where I would put 7 people in Winnona. I can do 5. But 7? Amazing.

  5. Great times with the whole family...very special:)

    But 7 in the MH...Wow!

  6. Great looking family! Looks like lots of memory-making times. :)