Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lake Pointe Resort, Canyon Lake TX…



imageWe are here at Lake Pointe Resort near Canyon Lake in Texas until May 11, Mother’s Day. Why? Well there are two reason and both have to do with family. We are staying near our  grand kids a bit longer to continue our visit with them. Also as we have mentioned later this week our daughter Katie is flying in. This is a convenient place to get our whole family together.

After giving the grandkids a ride over to our new site at Canyon Lake we bid farewell to them on Sunday as they still have school. However, our son Jason came back on Tuesday since he took the week off and he spent the night with us without his family. It was nice for us to spend some one on one time with him and a good opportunity for him to experience our lifestyle as well.

Lockhart State Park 043      Lockhart State Park 045

Lockhart State Park 052We took a wonderful drive along the Guadeloupe River (more on that in a future blog) and he spent the night in the RV with us. We lounged around Lake Pointe Resort and walked on some of the trails near and around parts of Canyon Lake. It is very dry here! The last time we were here a year ago we were picking blackberries and dewberries along the trails but the vines only have dried up berries on them this year.

One thing that hasn’t changed at Lake Pointe Resort is the deer population… I have only been to one other park where deer are so prevalent and seemingly so tame (Inks Lake Lockhart State Park 046State Park in Texas also). There are deer everywhere… I have even watched some of them enjoying the shade on a hot day under a slide out on the nearby fifth wheel two lots over.

We will be heading into San Antonio to stay with our son and the grandkids overnight on Thursday and then on Friday we will pick up Katie at the airport and bring her back to Lake Pointe Resort. Jason and his family will meet us there after the kids get out of school.  Sleeping arrangements should be interesting but when you have a home on wheels you just have to cram in all the family time you can… whenever you can!


  1. What a great reason to stay put! The grand kids look beautiful.

    When we were in Llano SP, there were deer every where. It was an awesome sight.

  2. Enjoy the time in the area with the family.
    We have stayed at Summit resort in New Braunfels (a membership park) and the deer population there is huge as well, they walk right through your campsite. Love the area.

  3. What a nice life you have! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.