Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Days at Canyon Lake, Texas….

Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 134

As our time here at Canyon Lake was coming to a close we decided to get out and about to do a few things we wanted to do before leaving. We also had one last visit from the grandkids right before we left. We took in a few more exquisite Texas sunsets and I even had time to repair a few things on the motorhome because as we were departing from Lockhart State Park a very load noise came from our largest wall slide and it was apparent that we were going to need to replace the slide motor. I will probably blog about that repair another day.

day trips in central texas 077Canyon Lake Texas Part 2 034

There are so many nice drives once you are centrally located in the Hill Country of Texas so we were happy with our decision to spend two weeks here at Lake Pointe RV Park. We originally picked this location because it was in the hill country and not too far for the grandkids to come for frequent visits. It worked out even better when our daughter wanted to visit since we were reasonably close to major airports at San Antonio and Austin. Perfect since her incoming flight was in San Antonio and her departing flight was out of Austin. We were even able to stop at one of Texas top 50 BBQ places in San Marcos called Hays BBQ… definite fine Texas BBQ.

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Lake Pointe RV Park is a membership park but better yet it is a Passport America Park so we were able to stay inexpensively. They do charge ten cents per kilowatt but even with the electrical charges we stayed for less than 20 per night. The only downside is that they have no sewer hookups but they provide free honey wagon services… seems to me it should be called “hiney wagon” services…

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One very nice hike we took was that I haven’t blogged about was at Austin’s Westlake day trips in central texas 101Preserve. The park is free to access and has some wonderful trails in the rugged west Austin hills. There is even a nice little waterfall that even during this extended drought still managed to muster up a nice trickle of water falling down the mane of maidenhair ferns. The trail turned out to also be a great spot to look for the golden cheeked warbler and black capped vireos..

As we watched our last sunset we were able to reminisce about the great times we had during our stay  We have now moved on and are in Fredericksburg, Texas for three days, but more on that later…


  1. Gorgeous sunset photos! Sounds like a wonderful time with family.

    Hope all is not too bad with the slide!!! Ouch!

  2. Oh dear about the slide. I'm always interested to hear about the things you do to or have to fix on your RV since they will no doubt also come up for us. Love the hiney wagon. Much better name. Did they allow you to stay all 2 weeks on the PPA rate? That would be very nice. Texas Hill country was on our plan for this year, now moved to next year. Ah the jello.

  3. Did the storm find you last night and early this morning?

  4. Liking the nightly rate with free "hiney" wagon. Will have to remember next time in the area.

  5. Sherry they let you stay up to 14 days at the PPA rate... Susan the storms made some noise last night and gave us oodles of rain (much needed in this part of Texas no doubt) and vry cool temps today...

  6. Same here in San Antonio...oodles of rain, thunder, lightning and cold temps today. Had to turn on the heat inside and wear a winter coat outside! Brr.