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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Couple of Overnight stays in Montana…

Dillon and Drummond MT 002With about 450 miles to go before we make it to Columbia River where we have a week booked we thought about driving half way for a three day stay but decided instead that we could see more of Montana by driving 150 miles each day and staying one night at each location.  This plan would allow time each afternoon to explore at each stop.

Our first stop in Montana was Countryside RV Park in Dillon where we received a reduced rate for me having served in the Air Force. This park was just the opposite of our last stop as the people here were really friendly and the park was very nice. It was a perfect place for our one night stay near DIllon, Montana. After we set up and had lunch we made our way up into the mountains to see Bannack State Park.

Dillon and Drummond MT 009Dillon and Drummond MT 006

Bannack is a cool little ghost town in Beaverhead County, Montana It is located on scenic Grasshopper Creek and even offers some nice camping spots for these that are interested. We paid our five bucks to get in and an additional two bucks for an informative booklet about the buildings and the colorful history of Bannack. As we walked around exploring each of the old buildings we noticed some lively old time music permeating the street. As we neared the end of our tour we discovered a pianist playing in one of the houses. We chatted with the pianist and upon pausing to donate some cash to the tip jar we were treated to Ernest Tubb's "Waltz Across Texas" before leaving. 

Traveling back into town we enjoyed the old downtown area and found a nice brewery that had only been opened a few weeks called Beaverhead Brewery. The Beaverhead River flows through here and offers up some world class fishing. Next up was dinner back at the campground and a night's sleep before heading out again in the morning…

Dillon and Drummond MT 010Dillon and Drummond MT 025

Our next one night stand was a Drummond Montana where we spent the night at Drummond City Park. This is a rustic stay in a city park where we were assigned a site we barely fit into but at a price of $15 cash a night we can live with it for our one night stay.

Dillon and Drummond MT 048Dillon and Drummond MT 042

After setting up and having some lunch we drove most of the Pintler Scenic Route and we spent some time at Georgetown Lake where the scenery was magnificent. Flint Creek followed much of this route and we stopped a few times to enjoy the water and watch the trout working their way against the currents looking for supper. We stopped around happy hour in the town of Phillipsburg only to discover a nice brewery there called Phillipsburg Brewery Company LLC. We enjoyed some nice crafted beverages and some complimentary snacks while watching the townspeople mill about the downtown area.

Dillon and Drummond MT 058Dillon and Drummond MT 030

After enjoying Phillipsburg we made our way back to camp where we had dinner and I built a nice fire with the complimentary firewood from the park. It had been a while since I have been able to watch a nice burning fire and it was a perfect ending for the day…


  1. How's the temperature up there? I would guess it's pretty nice. We just got out of Florida and it was sweltering. Envy you!

    1. It is actually pretty warm up here (around 90) as the temperatures are near record highs but I love that it drops down to near 50 at night making sleeping a snap!

  2. Nice Driving schedule. It is a toss up between longer drives and longer stays.

  3. We loved the Southside RV park in Dillon and Bannack was very cool! We were there May 2013. We enjoyed our time in Dillon, I actually got three blog posts form our short little stay, there was much to do and see.

  4. You guys are still having fun and we certainly can't keep up with you and the breweries. We have been getting some pretty crummy brews lately!

    1. Utah and Idaho are a little on the weak side overall but Montana has a few nice ones

  5. Replies
    1. we hate passing places that might be fascinating, and most small towns have a story to tell...

  6. Gosh, been such a long time that we sat by a campfire. Sounds tempting.