Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ogden Utah and Downey Idaho…

Ogden UT and Idaho 032

Ogden UT and Idaho 001We left Utah Lakes State Park in Provo, Utah and moved north up Interstate 15. We traveled only about 80 miles today since I hate driving on congested freeways and that describes perfectly this stretch of Interstate15. We pulled into another Passport America Park in Ogden, Utah called  Wasatch View Estates RV Park. This park is what we would rate as a low quality site .  It appears as if it was a mobile home park that is slowly being converted into an RV/Park Model over 55 community. We weren’t staying long so it didn’t really matter especially since at least the mountain view outside our front window was appealing.

With rainy weather in the area we didn’t do too much our first day in Ogden but that evening we had a visitor from our past life in College Station, Texas. Our friend Nancy and her son Jason came by for dinner and a visit. We knew Nancy and her husband Steve 25 years ago in Texas. She now lives in Denver and commutes to Salt Lake City  each week for her job. It was really fun to see her and catch up on all the news since we last saw one another.

Ogden UT and Idaho 007         Ogden UT and Idaho 017

The next day in Ogden we checked out the downtown area especially the trendy 25th Street district. We enjoyed this neat little area with lots of shops, restaurants and bars. From there we went for a little 50 mile loop drive through the mountains. We drove through Ogden Canyon and took a scenic drive around Pineview Reservoir as well as the little town of Huntsville. We stopped at several of the roadside turnouts to enjoy the views of the lake against the mountains.

Ogden UT and Idaho 005Ogden UT and Idaho 033

On the way back through Ogden Canyon we took a  two mile hike up into the canyon on Indian Trail. It was a fairly steep hike on the way up and an enjoyable walk through the woods on the way back. Before returning to the RV park we stopped in to have an early dinner and a cold Ogden UT and Idaho 025beverage at Roosters Restaurant and Brewery. The beers were only average to good but the dinner was great and we enjoyed our last evening on the town.

The next morning we drove further north into Idaho, a new state for us both. We pulled into Downata Hot Springs RV Park. This is another Passport America park outside of Downey Idaho and features a water park. Since it was mid week we figured there wouldn’t be too many kids around and there wasn’t . In fact since there weren't many campers at all, we had wonderful unobstructed panoramic views of horses grazing in the meadows with mountains in the backdrop....very relaxing.

Ogden UT and Idaho 028Ogden UT and Idaho 026

We did take a little drive around the area as there isn’t much to do around here and found several small lakes on some of the back roads  We stumbled upon a dirt road to Twin Lakes where we saw several campers had already staked out their sites for July 4th. The lakes are a popular stop for anglers and boaters as well as campers so we stayed awhile  admire the scenery.

One somber stop was at the scene of the “The Massacre at Bear River” where after unrest between settlers and the Shoshone Indians the Army came in and staged a surprise attack on the Shoshone Indian winter encampment along the Bear River. Warriors, women and children were caught completely by surprise and apparently the goal was to leave no survivors.

Ogden UT and Idaho 038Ogden UT and Idaho 036

Historical plaques told of the massacre and this snippet from Wikipedia tells of the military’s brutality upon the Shoshoni…

“As the Shoshone used tomahawks and bows and arrows for defense, the soldiers appeared to lose control. After killing most of the men and many of the children, they raped and assaulted the women.“

There are more gruesome details which I won’t include as you may visit my link to Wikipedia and read more if you are interested in reading more of the encounter.

We have a reservation in Rexburg, Idaho for the week of July 4th. so we'll drive about 50 miles tomorrow and will probably boondock at a casino near Pocatello before heading on into Rexburg. We also tried to make some reservations for a month long stay near Glacier National Park and were unsuccessful so we have a single week booked for now and will try to add some more weeks as soon as we can find them. It will definitely cost us more this way but that is the price of our desired flexibility sometimes…


  1. We are heading for Glacier around the end of August so we may face the same situation. But planning at this point won't work since we aren't sure what day we are leaving the east. We were suppose to begin west last week...haha!! That was before we were invited to spend a month on our gorgeous lake front private property in NY. Love the flexibility for sure. Hope all works out around Glacier!

    1. Several places we called had vacancies towards the end of August so you may be in luck!

  2. Stumbled across your blog, one of those 6 degrees of separation things by looking at blogs that other people follow, and see that you had stayed at Wasatch View Estates in Ogden, UT. We have reservations there for an overnight on our way to Zion in October. I gather it is okay for one night...especially if there is some sort of view?