Friday, July 4, 2014

Pocatello Idaho and Idaho State University…

Rexburg, Idaho 003

Upon leaving Ogden, Utah our plan was to spend a night boondocking at a casino near Pocatello , Idaho.  As we pulled into Fort Hall Casino we discovered  it has a nice RV Park behind it. With temperatures back on the rise we decided it best to stay at their RV park ($27 per night for full hookups).

After hooking up and eating lunch we then decided to go check out the town of Pocatello about 15 minutes away. We drove around the downtown area and found Idaho State University where we spent an hour or so checking out the campus. Idaho State is a nice campus and like many in this area it has a strong Mormon influence. We visited the athletic facilities and even enjoyed looking at the Iconic Columns on top of Red Hill ISU Campus. There doesn’t seem to be any significance to them other than a local business owner was having his funeral home torn down and there were four beautiful cast iron Greek columns and one of them was broken at the top. Somehow they ended up on top of Red Hill.

Rexburg, Idaho 005Rexburg, Idaho 004

After enjoying our campus stroll we wanted to check out Portneuf Brewing Company thinking maybe we would catch some of the USA vs. Belgium World Cup soccer game.  Although there was no TV, we stayed because we liked the vibe at this little brewery owned by a lady who Photo: First one!  Go me!!moved to the area from Oregon.  Most nights the brewery hosts live music from local musicians but we decided to head back to the RV for a nice dinner.  Afterward we walked over to check out the Fort Hall Casino…

When registering for a player card we were informed that if we played in the casino enough to register 25 points on the players card we would get $25 free play. After determining we needed to play $50 through a machine (you earn 1 point per 2 dollars played) I figured we would give it a try if they had any video poker. I play this game pretty well and even with bad machines I estimated it would take less than $18 to earn 25 Rexburg, Idaho 007points from a machine. A little over $14 later we had earned our $25 in free play. So we spent the rest of the evening playing 10 cents per hand video poker on the free play money. Sharon hit her first ever straight flush and after we were done we won our $14 back and an extra $6.95…Score (thanks to Sharon’s good luck)!!!

The next morning we drove north on Interstate 15 until we hit state highway 20 and drove NE to Rexford, Idaho where we have a reservation for the week of July 4th. Another short day of only 60 miles to Thompson RV Park which isn’t all that beautiful but will work for us to hide out while the tourists enjoy the 4th of July holiday…


  1. Do you guys need to hook up with GA?

    Where will you find a place in Idaho to spend those massive gambling winnings? And, does Uncle Sam know about this?

    Enjoy a quiet Fourth. Fireworks at Riverside Park at 9 tonight.

    1. Uncle Sam would know if they simply subscribed to our blog! Enjoy your Fourth!!!

    2. They don't know how - they can't even find emails!

  2. Now Idaho is a state we haven't spent any time in.

    Well what a big winner Sharon is. Don't spend all your winnings in one place.