Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thompson RV Park, Rexburg, Idaho, Review or Rant?

Idaho Falls ID 018Well it was time to leave Rexburg and Thompson RV Park. I must rant a bit about the camp hosts at this park. When we first pulled into Thompson RV Park we had second thoughts about the place since it was right behind a warehouse area. But we booked here to have a place for the July 4th Weekend. The place reminded me of no frills camping in the backyard of, say grandpa's house, and as it turned out this was indeed a campground behind someone's home. Idaho Falls ID 035We found it peculiar that when we checked in the park we were asked, “Are you sure you want to stay a week because often when people arrive here they change their minds”?  This was our first hint of what was to come.

The camp host then issued us only a cash receipt… other information.  This was unfortunate because the park has several rules of which we inadvertently broke resulting in a not-so friendly knock on the door encounter  by the camp host. I apparently drove faster than 5 mph to my campsite. I told the host it would be no problem I would watch my speed from now on.

The next morning Sharon decided to wash the cash and as she was about to do so the husband host who was mowing admonished her for thinking she could wash the car and became somewhat confrontational telling he would give us our money back if we would just leave… and to send out her husband to get the refund. I went outside and waited for him to finish mowing when I walked over to chat with him I too found him quite confrontational and told him to go ahead and refund us our money for our remaining unused days and we would gladly leave.

Idaho Falls ID 033We pointed out that it would be much easier to follow their rules if they like all the other campgrounds we have visited simply presented us with a list upon arrival.  Their answer was that this was too much trouble. I requested that he get me the owners name and phone number as I would like to talk with them. He said he couldn’t give me that information but the owner lived on premises and he would go get her.


Instead he got his wife to come over and knock on our door again and Sharon really didn’t want to get into it with her again so she asked her to take her over to the owners house. Sharon spoke with the owner about what is good customer service and the lady apologized for the Yellowstone NP and Teton NP 014actions of the hosts but said she stood by her hosts. We were satisfied the owner had understood our concerns and hoped that she would in the future take heed of our advice. We opted to stay our last few days and never saw the hosts again. Even more alarming about these hosts was what the lady host said when she and Sharon walked over to the owners house… She said the two of them didn’t really like people since they all break the rules!!!

She even pointed out to Sharon that other campers (there were only ten here during our stay) had to be scolded for breaking the “unwritten” rules.. Sounds like to me these two folks should not be in the people business and if I were you I would avoid this otherwise peaceful park until these two hosts are gone! I would have rated this park a 6 or a 7 without these hosts but with them I give it a 2…


  1. Very strange, isn't it? How can the owner even think to have these people dealing with customers...? Pretty sure I would have left...

  2. Its the front line people that can make or break a park.
    Too bad about that one.

  3. Egads...what a weird couple. I don't think Paul would have been as understanding as you two were. He would have lasted one confrontation and then we would be out of there.

    1. we decided that we wouldn't let them destroy our time there...

  4. Wow! That's strange behavior on the hosts part. Usually they are happy to have a 'free' place to camp in exchange for a little work. Maybe they like the 'free' part, but not the work part. Good for you for staying and enjoying yourself. We ran across similar owners in Ninilchik, Alaska. It's not always the campers that are in the wrong.

  5. Glad you shared this. Very strange camp host, for sure. But I guess your job is easier if you don't have any customers:)

  6. If you can run off all the campers, the campground host job is pretty easy :)

  7. Wow. It's amazing the owners weren't more concerned. I hope you wrote up a review on