Friday, August 15, 2014

Some Days you Need a Burger and a Beer…

Tri Cities and Wine Tasting 004We left the Spokane and Coeur D’Alene area to head west into the southwestern corner of Washington. I don’t much like driving on the interstates but in Montana, Idaho and eastern Washington there is so much less traffic on them that it almost provides for a pleasant drive. As we drove west into Washington the big Ponderosa Pines began to give way to open hilly grasslands known as Palouse Prairie. The rolling hills are actually remnant silt dunes formed during the ice ages and were historically covered in wheatgrass and fescues but are now mostly dry land farmed in wheat and legumes.

Tri Cities and Wine Tasting 008

We stopped to fill up with diesel at a Love’s and after all these years fulltiming we decided it was finally time to get a Love’s reward card so we won’t have to go inside in the future to have the truck island pump turned on. Once the Love’s card is activated it will turn the pump on and then we can fill, pull up out of the way and go inside to pay… much easier.

Tri Cities and Wine Tasting 007

As we neared the Tri-Cities area we headed east out of Pasco and pulled into Hood Park, a Corp of Engineers park, which sits right on the banks of the Snake River. This park only offers 50 amp service without sewer and without water (water is available to fill your tank). We stayed here once before two years ago and is a great park for visiting this area. From here we will be heading to Portland for about a three week stay that will take us through the end of summer and the last of its holidays, Labor Day.

Tri Cities and Wine Tasting 010Tri Cities and Wine Tasting 005

After setting up we planned to meet up with our friends who were supposed to be at a gathering.  However, after the fairly long day, setting up camp, including filling with water, we were tired and told them we were just going to go to a brewery for a unwind. We went to the Ice Harbor Brewery in Kennewick about 5 miles away and as we sat at the bar the bartender told us it was buy one get one free for any hamburger on the menu. So we ordered up a beer and burger and settled in to enjoy our surroundings.


While awaiting our order I got a text from our friends Debbie and Marshall who decided they would forgo their weekly gathering after they found out we were at the Ice Harbor Brewery they decided to meet up with us for a beer and a burger too! Debbie and Marshall are dear friends we first met in San Antonio, Texas while we were in high school and later we were next door neighbors as we both attended Texas A&M University. What fun it is to reconnect with such good friends and it is funny as it seems like it was only yesterday that we all hung out together. It seems like we picked right up where we left off. We know we will truly enjoy their company during our stay here in the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco and Kennewick)  area of Washington.  Even better, they shared that they have decided to buy an RV to begin traveling in the near future.  Exciting news for sure!


  1. A burger and a beer sounds wonderful!

  2. Yep...some days... And a great start to visit with friends looks like!!

    Funny about the interstates. I enjoy them in the west. Most are scenic and easy driving for me.

    Have fun!

  3. I believe I could have a burger and a beer most days.

  4. Friends, beer and a free burger. A triple header.