Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reflections on Portland Oregon…

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To say we have enjoyed our stay in Portland Oregon would be an understatement. There aren’t many big cities in the USA where I feel I could live in but Portland has that mix of big city amenities with the feel of small town in its neighborhoods. We have done a ton of walking in the northern half of Portland where we have strolled through the neighborhoods of Hollywood, City Center, The Pearl, Alphabet District, Alberta Arts, Concordia, Alameda, Rose City, Laurelhurst and several others I have probably failed to mention.

Each of the neighborhoods are like their own small communities, each with their own culture. One could live in one of these neighborhoods and not even feel like they are in Portland proper.Everything anyone would need is in these neighborhoods such as grocery stores, restaurants and pubs. A car isn't even a necessity as most travel via bicycle or public transport. This is a very bicycle friendly town with bike lanes seemingly everywhere. 

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Crafted Breweries are plentiful with more than 50 listed breweries in Portland alone which is why many know the city as Beervanah! Sharon and I have grown to love well made craft beers and set out on a mission to try as many of the top rated breweries as we could. We weren’t able to make it to all of them but we did put a dent in the list. Hopworks and Burnside have been two breweries we have visited more than once because we love the beer and the vibe at both places. I must say that I would be hard pressed to pick a brewery I didn't enjoy as all the beer here has been excellent (well maybe the gluten free brewery wasn’t all that great).

In addition Portland has some great parks for hiking such as Washington Park and Forest Park. with the International Rose Garden. And the scenic Columbia Gorge is close by for hiking and observing nature. Waterfall hikes we took there were like traveling way out of town and yet they are simply a 30-40 drive east.  There is also scenic highway 30 with all of its great vistas… Given all that there is to do around here we feel Portland is a great spot for a month or two in the summertime. The numerous waterfall hikes we took were like traveling way out of town and yet they are simply a 30-40 drive east. 

Our review of Portland wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the people here. Fortunately for us we have friends in the area so we were able to meet up with them but the people in general living here are a very friendly group. We struck up numerous conversations with many interesting people. Portland is a young town by most standards especially nearer the city center. If I were in my 30’s there is no doubt this would be the place for me to live and work.

To end one of our last days we returned to Hopworks Bike Bar Brewery to meet with a friend of ours passing through town on her way home to Astoria for another round of beer. What fun we had reminiscing over good beer and their fabulous freshly made hot pretzels… Portland has indeed been a very good to us!


  1. We love Portland too. I could have stayed for hours in the Rose Garden. At one point I was in awe....there before me was Mt. Hood in all its glory. Fabulous!

  2. Love Portland too! But a bit too much rain come Winter Season!

  3. You are right about Portland being a young town, our 30-something kids moved here 5 years ago and just love it. We old folks are now moving here, slightly out of town, south of Oregon City, close enough to enjoy all the wonderful things Portland has to offer though! Glad you enjoyed the visit.

  4. You two have seen more of Portland than we ever did in our thirty plus year stint only eighty miles south of there. You chose a great time to hang out in this beautiful part of Oregon.

  5. Have not been there yet, maybe someday.

  6. We, too, love Portland. Such a fun, pretty, interesting place. Nice commentary on the vibe and activities of the Rose City.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it- sounds like a place we need to plan on spending a summer.