Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last Day of Hiking in Zion National Park, Utah…

Our time here in Leeds Utah is winding down but before we left we wanted to make one more run over to the main part of Zion National Park. We planned to do bits and pieces of several hikes so we parked once again at the Visitor’s Center (we had to circle the lot a bit to find a parking spot). The park didn’t seem to be as crowded as the last visit here so we caught the shuttle and got off for our first hike at the Big Bend stop. We planned to hike to Weeping Rock from here which meant we would hike along the Virgin river to the Weeping Rock stop and then take the hike.

The hike along the river is not on a set trail but we followed the creek and really enjoyed this one mile walk along the shore of the river. Wildflowers were still in bloom and the trees were starting to change colors. There were several arches that were visible we walked and we even spotted a couple of rock climbers high up on a cliff face. There were deer tracks and raccoon tracks everywhere and we even found a lone bobcat track in the mud along the river where the cat must have come for a drink of refreshing water.

We had planned to hike the Weeping Rock trail once we got tot the trailhead but when I saw the sign to the Hidden Canyon trailhead we took that hike instead.  Knowing that this hike had some parts that might deter Sharon from going further due to her fear of heights I still thought the trail might be doable for her. So off we went with a relentless uphill climb that eventually came to a small cliff with a mild drop off which required the use of a cable that was impaled in the cliff side. I crossed and Sharon was bit apprehensive but made the crossing just fine.


Not much further down the trail there was a much “scarier” section of trail that Sharon refused to do due to her acrophobia. I was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t at least try and confront her fears but after her telling me there was no way she was going on the cliff side and hanging on the cable I relented and went further up the trail on my own as she gladly waited back on the trail. I didn’t have to go much further as the canyon was just around the corner so I paused to enjoy the views a bit and turned back to find Sharon.


We then hiked down to where the Hidden Canyon Trail meets the Observation Point trail and took that trail for about 3/4 of a mile to where we could see the beautiful canyon below. Then we returned to the shuttle stop and headed back to the visitor’s center. We hiked about 5 miles and with all the climbing we were a bit tired. We decided to go back to Leed’s the longer way and routed through the town of Hurricane which is a pretty decent sized town with lots of amenities. Then we got on Interstate 15 and I headed south to St. George. Before long we pulled into a parking lot where I had a surprise for Sharon as we stopped at an In-and –Out Burger for a no frills dinner… what a great burger it was.

Our last day of hiking was probably our best hike and it wasn’t even in Zion but I will tell about that in the next blog…


  1. We have got to get to Zion! This hike sounds fabulous and the scenery is beautiful.

  2. Yes, Hidden Canyon has that one section that you have to cross that has no flat. That is a tough area. I totally understand how fears are very real. I suffer from claustrophobia.

  3. Glad you stuck to your guns, Sharon!

  4. Dave has had to hike on with out me sometimes too, our one day visit there obviously didn't do this park any justice. Thanks for sharing some insight into new to me areas of Zion.

  5. Dianne and I did the Hidden Canyon hike a few years ago. She is also terrified of heights. She did get through the "hanging to the chains" part, but only because she looked only at my feet. Great hike.