Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Day in Fredericksburg, Texas…

We didn’t have far to go when we left Llano, Texas as our next stop was in Fredericksburg, Texas only a 42 mile drive south. The bluebonnets on this stretch of road were just beginning to emerge and the trees were also starting to bud as spring has found the hill country of Texas. We will be staying at Hill Country RV Park for four nights.

This park is a no frills park but it is in a prime location and rather inexpensive at $25 per night. We are close to both Fredericksburg and Luckenbach so we plan to enjoy both. We spent our first day visiting the town of Fredericksburg. An interesting factoid about the town is that the first letters of streets intersecting Fredericksburg’s Main Street heading southeast from the center of town spell out "ALL WELCOME" (Adams, Llano, Lincoln, Washington, Elk, Lee, Columbus, Olive, Mesquite, and Eagle). The first letters of streets intersecting Main Street heading the opposite direction spell "COME BACK"(Crockett, Orange, Milam, Edison, Bowie, Acorn, Cherry, and Kay). Now I think that is some pretty clever city planning, something not seen in many places in the USA…

We parked on the edge of town to walk uptown and then back on the opposite side to see it all.With it being spring in the hill country tourist towns like Fredericksburg are abuzz with activity. The many Bed and Breakfasts in town combined with all the restaurants, gift shops, and eating/drinking establishments this German influenced town stays pretty crowded, especially on the weekends.


I loved walking along the streets and looking at all the neat historical buildings. Sharon  enjoyed looking at all the shops in town and we even discovered one shop selling jams, jellies, pickles, olives and other jarred preserves that allowed tasting of all their products. We sampled all kinds of goodies but I most enjoyed the hot sauce room where Sharon and I sampled one sauce that had some major heat with a lingering effect which sent us scurrying on out the door…

We had planned to hike Enchanted Rock State Natural Area but apparently if you aren’t there early enough this time of year the park closes to public to ensure that the congestion doesn’t consume all the parking spots and to allow visitors a better park experience. We may try again on Monday when all the tourists are back at work. We did stretch our legs at nearby Cross Mountain Park just outside of town. The short hike to the top offers great views of the surrounding area much like the small “Q” hill at Quartzite Arizona. 

One of the reasons we stopped here in Fredericksburg again was to experience Luckenbach, Texas at night and on a weekend… but that will have to wait till the next blog…


  1. Fredericksburg is such beautiful touristy town, have driven through but never stopped.
    Luckenbach is a fun place, now we have been there a few times and always enjoyed ourselves.
    Have fun.

  2. Don't miss the WWII museum if you have not been there.

  3. We have been to Fredericksburg twice. We had the best time, and the best German food. Sounds like you stopped at Rustlin' Robs. What a cool store

    We climbed Enchanted Rock. The view from the top is amazing.

  4. Have come to love local town history...the naming of the streets is pretty cool, We'll have to add this town to our list. Enchanted Rock sounds interesting, too. Thanks for info,

  5. You are just where I wanted to be on our way west. I am so jealous. I so wanted to be in Fredericksburg and see the blankets of blue bonnets. Very interesting information about the town and the natural area. Thanks! Maybe someday.........

  6. We may have been like ships passing in the day. We, too, were in Fredericksburg on Sunday. Our one stop before heading north to the Wildflower Loop was at Wildseed Farm. The bluebonnets are the only major bloomer right now.

    Wildflower Loop Road similarly showcased only the bluebonnets, and white thistles. We really enjoyed driving west from Highway 16 to Hwy 87 toward Enchanted Rock State Park. The views of the rock are excellent along that highway.

    We headed back to San Antonio via the road to Old Tunnel State Park and James Kiehl River Bend Park. A very nice drive indeed. Don't take an RV on that road!!

    Enjoy Fredericksburg. P.S. We love the place that lets you taste all the jams, jellies and sauces!!

  7. One of our favorite places. We try to stop there every time we travel. Auslanders is a great place for German food and German beer. You will have a blast at Luckenbach. Don't miss the wine tasting between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, or the LBJ Ranch. Jealous.