Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sunland Park Casino and Racetrack, El Paso, Texas…

Back in Texas 044

Back in Texas 039We left Columbus, New Mexico and headed east on highway 9 until we arrived just outside of El Paso, Texas. Our destination for the next few nights was just short of the Texas border in New Mexico at the Sunland Park Casino and Racetrack. To the left of the entrance there are 8 sites in the parking lot with water and electricity (30/50 amp).  There is no sewer but they do have a dump station nearby. The sites are first come-first served so when we arrived around noon there were three taken and we slid into slot 8. Slot 8 is the best one on my opinion especially when the horses are racing at the track. The reason was our front window overlooked the racetrack where we could watch the ponies warm up every morning.

Since the horses were racing the day we showed up we went inside to pay our $15.00 per night fee at the casino security office. We paid for two nights and then went on over to the racetrack to bet on a few races. We bet on two races and didn’t win either of them but it was fun and before we could bet on the third race we were received a call from a friend we wanted to meetBack in Texas 041 up with. I have mentioned him in the blog before. He was a professor of mine when I attended Texas A&M University whom I worked closely with.

We met with Merrill and his wife Sonia to have a late lunch/early dinner at one of their favorite New Mexican restaurants, Carnitas Queretaro. I ordered some red chile cheese enchiladas that were pretty good and Sharon ordered Asado Bellazano.which was better than mine easily. The best meal was the Carnitas that Sonia ordered. After our wonderful New Mexican styled food.we returned to the casino with them to have a drink at the bar at the racetrack. It was really good catching up with what was going on in their lives.

The next day the two of them had to go to Las Cruces so Sharon and I used the time to do some grocery shopping and we also decided to try lunch at one of the El Paso Reader’s Choice Award places for lunch. Taco Tote is also a New Mexican style fast food restaurant that specializes in tacos and is know for their salsa bar. Once again Sharon ordered the best taco which was a very good shrimp taco. Mine was good but Sharon’s was better and best of all their salsas were excellent!

Back in Texas 028

It clouded up in the afternoon and with rain in the forecast we went back in to the casino and paid for one more night. Since we had signed up for a players card and gave them our email address we were rewarded with $20.00 each free play. We spent some time playing on their money and luckily left with a good share of their free money.


The next morning we woke to rain and I was worried as I had scheduled Safelite to come and repair three rock chips in our windshield. My coverage on my insurance has a high glass Back in Texas 047deductible but they will repair small cracks and chips for free. Fortunately the worst of the rain held off until he had repaired our chips. Since it was raining Sharon and I did a little more shopping at Costco and bought one of the rotisserie chickens that would be so good for travel food the next day.

Since it was St.Patrick's Day and it was still raining we decided to  go over the casino to have a few green beers and ate some pretty good Rueben sandwiches with some beer battered (black and tan) onion rings. Everything was on special and the whole meal along with a couple of beers each was only about $15.00!

Wednesday morning came and there was still a light rain but we decided it was time to move on and so we did. Next up is a one-nighter in Van Horn, Texas…


  1. We have never stayed at a horserace track. That sounds so cool. You two had front row seats. Good job.

  2. We used to go to horseraces for entertainment when the kids were fun. We had a great time researching the horses and jockeys. Next time I suggest you just give in and order what Sharon orders. :)

  3. That sounds like an interesting place to hole up for a few days. I loved following the horseracing mags and stuff when I was a horse crazy teen. I have scrapbooks with Secretariat stuff... and read all the racing books by Walter Farley about The Black Stallion. Glad you are having fun! (we are heading home)
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. We have spent time at the racetrack but did not know about the RV parking. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. We have stayed at a couple racetracks over the years and always enjoy the free play, and sometimes great meal deals and the races.
    Great deal on the reuben's and beer.

  6. I work for the company that made those electronic signs they replay the races on and your photos of them are fantastic. Can I ask what kind of camera/lens you are using? How close were you able to get to the track? We've been thinking about having them professionally photographed for use in some of our marketing material. - carol

    1. My camera is a digital Nikon and I used a 30x lens nearly full out. I was able to get on the far rail of the track for those shots. Thanks for the complement on them.