Monday, June 8, 2015

Café Des Amis in Breaux Bridge LA and Time to Leave…

Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 032

Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 022One of the main reasons we came to stay in Breaux Bridge Louisiana was to visit the Zydeco Breakfast at Café Des Amis held every Saturday morning in town. Why, you might ask, would we drive 40 minutes from Abbeville to stay in Breaux Bridge just to go to a music oriented breakfast?

Well, first of all this Zydeco Breakfast was on our bucket list as a must do event! Secondly, we heard you have must be in line at 7:00 am to ensure a table at first seating. To do so from Betty’s RV park (where we were before here) Sharon would have needed to arise at 5:00 am to get ready and make it to Beaux Bridge by 7:00. Here at Pioneer RV Park she was able to sleep in till 6:40 am. Thus we came here to make sure we would be able to make it in time ( and with a little less crankiness from Sharon).

Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 028Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 024

Six forty a.m. came quickly Saturday morning as we had some coffee and Sharon ran a bit late but we hurried out of the house by 7:10 and arrived by 7:15. With only a few people in line we were able to snag an outdoor table up front to sit and watch as the line grew. I suppose since we are here in June (where it is forecasted to be in the 90’s each day)  the crowds are smaller but he line did grow and they opened the doors just after 8:00 am.

We were seated after having watched the band bring all their gear in to set up .Soon after ordering our breakfast J. J. Callier & the Zydeco Knockout began their first tune… The dancers hit the floor and the energy was fantastic! The band was high energy and very entertaining making us more than glad we came.

Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 029

I read a lot of reviews that said the breakfast was underwhelming but I have to confess my "Don't Mess with My Tasso" (an omelet  with smothered onions and tasso) along with some Andouille grits and a biscuit made for one of my more memorable breakfasts!!!  The food was great and the music even better. It was loud and energetic and we found some humor at a large table beside us as the folks passed around ear plugs to lessen the “noise.” It made me wonder why they even came to this place this morning… but to each their own…

Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 026Baton Rouge and Cafe Des Amis 036

After breakfast we gave up our table and scored a small  elevated table in the back which made for a great perch to watch the excitement and energy below unfold. The music was fantastic, the environment perfect and we even danced a bit before finally leaving just after 11:00. We didn’t leave town ,however, as we walked across the street to the Cajun jam session at Joie de Vivre Cafe. The place was filled with musicians jamming and bellowing out French lyrics. This venue was a lot more low key than the Zydeco we  had just left but was a good way to ease down from such an early start to the day…

Sunday we left Breaux Bridge and made our way about three hours east to Abita Springs Louisiana where we plan to explore a membership park in town…


  1. Looks like a great time and I totaly understand the need to sleep, Sharon:)

  2. Sounds like a great way to start a day. What fun!!

  3. Rumor has it there is a brewery in Abita Springs. Getting up and dancing at eight o'clockwwould be tough for me!

  4. I had to add this to my Pinterest. We haven't spent much time in that area but hope to on our way out to Houston this fall. Thanks for all the great places to visit.

  5. We love Abita Springs area, so much to see and do and I just know you will check out the Abita Brewery tour, a fun time and free beer for an hour.
    Abita Springs resort has to be our favorite membership park too. Have fun !