Friday, July 31, 2015

Strolling Around Danville and Corbin KY…

A short distance away from where we are staying at Levi Jackson State Park is a neat little town called Corbin, KY. So what is Corbin’s claim to fame? Corbin is home to the location of the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The Colonel Harlan Sanders himself started frying up his crispy chicken right here! We had to check out the Harland Sanders Café.  It actually started as a service station across the street from its present location.  The current location is really just another Kentucky Fried Chicken store but it has a museum attached to it depicting the Colonel's life and how he came to be famous. We chose not to eat there since we are no  really big fans of their chicken and also because we think their chicken is overpriced!


The downtown area of Corbin is a sleepy and laid back community fairly well revitalized. Although Corbin is located in the dry counties of Knox and Whitley the city held a local option election in 2012 which was successful.  So luckily we were able to find a recently opened tavern featuring many craft beers. We thought it was a brewery at first since it was named The Wrigley Taproom and Brewery. However, they make no beer on premises and usage of the word brewery in their name is for reasons unknown to us. It was however a lively spot and a good way to end our day in Corbin.

Cumberland Falls KY and  Corbin KY 039Cumberland Falls KY and  Corbin KY 040

We also made the short drive over to Danville, KY for a visit. Danville is a decent sized town. We found it funny that their claim to fame is that they are the city of firsts. First to do this, first to do that… but we soon realized it was all dependent upon the fact that they were the first to do this or that west of the Alleghenies!  The city was founded in 1792 and it also claims to be the birthplace of bluegrass… although we have seen others claim that as well.

Cumberland Falls KY and  Corbin KY 045

The quaint little downtown area is close to nearby Centre College. Centre College was founded in 1819 and is considered one of the few prestigious small liberal arts colleges in America. To keep in the theme of Danville they are ranked first in the nation for study abroad. The campus was larger than it at first appeared. It made for a nice stroll for us as we walked around town and all around the campus.

On the way back to our park we stopped at a roadside farm market and scored some fresh tomatoes and fruit. Tomorrow it’s off to another spot on the Daniel Boone’s Trace… Cumberland Gap National Historic Park…


  1. cute little town. Must say I would have had to try a KFC there no matter what, just for the memories. Overprice, yes. Not as great as it could be, yes. But. still. Love reading about the back parts of the country that you are visiting that folks don't write about often.

  2. We din't eat KFC any more either, but would have had some there just to say we did.
    Then check out the tap room.

  3. We crack up when we see a sign that says...First to...we look at each other and say...No way!

    I enlarged the photo of Lincoln to see what he has to do with the city but it didn't say anything. I am sure it is some type of

    1. They have a Lincoln Scholars Program at Centre College and this statue is at the buildings entrance, they also claim that historians have concluded that Abraham Lincoln, was conceived on what are now the footsteps of the Old Centre building...