Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Rolling Hills of Tennessee…


This past Monday we left Heritage Acres RV park in Tuscumbia Alabama and headed on down the road a bit further northeast into the state of Tennessee. After just a few miles, we pulled into a Love’s for diesel. I have never really understood why Love’s and Pilots charge 5 to 10 cents more for their diesel but they always seem to. There was a particularly friendly attendant at this stop so Sharon asked how we fill up at the pump rather than her going inside to pay.  The attendant explained when we swipe our loyalty card a prompt will ask our truck number and she said type 1 or 0 then when it asks for company name type private. This was a productive stop as we learned something new there!

Bourbon Trail TN 003Bourbon Trail TN 006

Moving on down state road 43, our destination was a quaint farm in the rolling hills of Tennessee near the town of  Lewisburg. We would be staying for three days at a friend’s farm. Our friends met us at a truck stop near the farm to guide us through some narrow roads and turned  us into their farm where we nestled our RV up beside their red Borden Barn which was built in the 1930’s. What a nice spread they have in this very green part of the state!

Bourbon Trail TN 008We hit the ground rolling as our hosts, Charles and Sandy,  had plenty of sights in store for us. Our first stop was to a small mom and pop distillery called Prichard’s Distillery. What a cool tour we had through this building that was once a school and now a distillery. What made it even more fun was we were joined by about 8 school teachers enjoying a kayaking trip. Since one of our friends was a former principal this made for some fun banter as we strolled through the school now turned distillery. We ended the tour with some mighty fine sampling and we ended up with a bottle of the Sweet Lucy sipping whiskey. There were some funny T-shirts about this whiskey so I had to enclose one picture of one of them.

Bourbon Trail TN 030Bourbon Trail TN 028

Later that day we drove around the farm on a four wheeler. We saw a lot of birds and a deer and what a beautiful spread they have here in the rolling hills. Sharon calls it a little piece of heaven.  That evening we enjoyed drinks, dinner  and great conversations catching up as the way RV’er simply do… Charles started a fire and we sat around talking through the wee hours and before we knew it the time was past midnight! What fun!

imageBourbon Trail TN 024

The next day we headed over to Franklin. Tennessee but first we stopped in at Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery. What a cool little place to enjoy a great breakfast and if you go here you must get one of their cinnamon rolls! Lots of pictures of country and western artists line these wall and many of them have eaten here before we did. After breakfast we walked around the trendy little town square in Franklin taking in the history. Sharon and Sandy would dip into and out of some of the stores checking out the wares. There was some great art in some of these stores. The day ended back in town where we stopped in for a pizza and beer at a fun little hole in the wall sports bar. Yep, another super fun day…


  1. Gotta love hanging out with friends, and in the country, our kind of day.

  2. Looks like a nice stop. I is definitely pretty there.

  3. Yup, we went on that same your with Candy and Charles. We particularly like Marcy Jo and Sweet Lucy.

  4. What a perfect day or two! I love these small villages and Tennessee is on our wish list.

  5. We're heading to Tennessee soon. Hopefully, the weather will stay pleasant. Not in favor of any storms being in our direction.

  6. Thanks for the info on the getting fuel. I am the one that has to go in to pay even with a loyalty card. Looks like a fun stop with friends:) Enjoy!

  7. What a gorgeous picture of your current "campground". Your friends have a stunning spot. Interesting about diesel being more expensive at Pilot/Flying J. Because of the 3 cent discount for "loyalty" theirs is always one of the cheapest fuel stops for us. But now that they have joined the camping world/Good Sam conglomerate I wonder if we will lose our discount if we do not extend our Good Sam membership.