Thursday, October 15, 2015

Final Days in North Carolina…

NC 020

Well with the good news about Interstate 95 re-opening in the state of South Carolina we will be able to continue our trek south as planned, more or less.  I still need to get some planning done to figure out our new route south.

This past weekend we spent some time at Katie’s apartment. On Saturday, her boyfriend's parents invited all of us over to Smithfield, NC for dinner and an overnight stay. We have gotten to know Katie’s new boyfriend Brooks, a little bit and really like him so we were really looking forward to meeting his parents.

NC 001NC 004

Since we had arrived a bit too early for dinner we stopped in to have a cold one at the Double Barley Brewery. We apparently stumbled into an event as their were going to be about 4-5 bands playing that day. We grabbed a beer and went to the warehouse to listen to one of the bands. It was a perfect way to kill some time before going on over to Brook’s parents house.

NC 005NC 001

We had a fabulous dinner with Caroline and Rick enjoying their company that evening as we all traded stories. Rick played collegiate and professional baseball so it was fun hearing about his experiences especially given that Katie played collegiate softball. Getting to know his parents was a real treat as we all seemed to hit it off almost immediately. Caroline was the perfect hostess and we really appreciated the fantastic meal and lively conversation.

NC 005NC 004NC 011

After a great breakfast the next day we drove back to Katie’s and just enjoyed a last day with her on Sunday. We kind of felt like college kids since we brought our laundry with us so we could do it at her house… The next morning we bid our farewell to Katie knowing we will likely see her again this December during her Christmas break.

imageNC 016

Instead of heading straight back to the RV park on Monday we decided to check out the Hemlock Bluffs State Natural Area. There are some excellent short trails in this park and we really enjoyed the serenity and scenery it provided. There are some Hemlock trees here that are about 200 miles south or east of their normal range. This lost colony of hemlocks were a real treat to see amongst the abundant large tulip popular and beech trees. However, the fungi display on this day was phenomenal. Mushrooms were absolutely everywhere…

imageNC 013

Tuesday would be our last day at our park in North Carolina we decided to partake in one more round of disc golf and visit our favorite happy hour brewery one last time. We drove over to Rock Ridge Park for some golf and afterward to the Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro.  At last we were finally ready to pack things up and hit the road. After a leisurely Wednesday morning we checked out late and head south on I-95 to Bass Lake Campground, a spot we have visited once before…


  1. What a great way to kill time, then enjoy meeting new people.

  2. Good to catch up with you and see you weren't washed away. We were in Ireland during all the flooding, but as we flew over the Carolinas on our way home I could actually see the flooding river and many dams with silt plumes that were breaching. whew!