Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban Hike in Savannah Georgia…


One of our favorite southern cities is the city of Savannah Georgia. We wanted to revisit the scenic part of town with all the squares adorned with beautiful large trees draped in Spanish moss. Hardeeville RV Park is only about 10-15 minutes north of Savannah so from our site there we hopped in the CRV and headed into the city.

Our first stop was at the Bonaventure Cemetery.  We heard from many readers that this 100 acre cemetery was a must see.  When visiting here make sure to stop at the Visitors Center and pick up a copy of their 16-page “Historical Society Guide”.  This  brochure has lots of info and it has an annotated map of where the Who’s Who are buried. Lots and lots of Confederate War heroes are buried there including several Generals.


It is a really scenic cemetery with all the large live oak trees draped in moss. The different styles of tombstones from the 1700’s to the more modern days is also striking. There is a sense of beauty and serenity in this cemetery but also a sense of despair with so many markers representing the untimely deaths of children. Sharon and I agree that we are pretty sure we will be cremated and not take up any space in a cemetery. Just spread our ashes in a beautiful place or in the ocean and we will be okay with that…


Our next stop was much less solemn as we stopped at the Savannah visitors center to pick up a town map. Our plan was to walk to all of the 22 remaining squares in town out of the original 24. Doing so required us to weave our way through the heart of Savannah and in doing so we walked about 4.5 miles. We weren’t finished though as we wanted to also walk along the trendy River Street.


A bonus find along River Street was that the city of Savannah offers a free ferry back and forth across the Savannah River. It stops at two of the major convention hotels and then back at River Street. The whole ride (if you don’t get off) takes about 30 minutes. What a score it was to have a free boat ride with awesome views of the Savannah waterfront!

After we exited the ferry we walked over to the Moon River Brewery and partook in some very tasty beverages. We found all the beers we sampled to be quite good! Upon finishing our refreshing beverages we walked back to the Visitor’s Center to get our car.

Packing up for the next move to Brunswick Georgia consumed the remainder of our day…


  1. What another delightful way to finish up the day.

  2. Savannah is one of our favorite cities in the US. We have been twice, both times boondocking in the visitor's center parking lot for about $12 per night. Like you say, it is a perfect city for walking and the free DOT bus is always running to take you from area to area. There are lots of great restaurants and breweries close to the visitors center and we tried out many of them. Thanks for the memories of beautiful Savannah!

  3. We really enjoyed our time in Savannah. Such a beautiful city, but not in the summer:)

  4. Wonderful post and lovely photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. We did that walking tour but knew nothing of the free ferry. Great score guys!