Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tips on Making Your RV Look New Again…

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Detailer's Choice 4B369 Flow-Thru Vehicle Wash Brush with 60-Inch Telescoping Handle - 1-EachCall me old fashioned but I still like to wash and wax our RV by myself. It is through this act of washing and waxing the rig that I can truly access how well the rig is holding up. Since I have to run my hands and fingers over every nook and cranny it gives me the opportunity to discover any new dinks, nicks and/or cracks. Also it becomes very apparent which silicon spots need attention once I finish.

I like to wash our RV using one the telescoping brushes that I see so many use. Since I am on the short side of height I prefer the one that extends to 12 feet. This makes it quite easy for me to reach the roof edges without standing on my tip toes. The telescoping rod called Mr long Arms is perfect for this. I also have a large pot that is actually my gumbo pot but it doubles as my wash bucket. When not in use it also stores a lot of loose items in a bin.

Product DetailsStainless Steel Stock Pot, 20 quart with Lid

I prefer to wash our rig using a nice squirt of dawn dish soap in my water bucket. This soap is a mild soap and works really well on grime and dirt removal. I always begin my cleaning on the roof. I also don’t attach my telescoping brush to a water hose when cleaning the roof since I find it easier to use the brush by dipping it in the wash bucket. I then attach a high pressure hose nozzle power sprayer on my hose to use for rinsing the brush and rinsing the soap off of the roof after scrubbing it.

EverGreen Premium Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Hose Nozzle Car Wash High Pressure Washer Water Spray Gun Cleaner


Once the roof is clean I start cleaning the sides, front and back using the same technique as on the roof which is dipping the brush in the soapy water, rinsing the brush and then spraying the soapy residue off the sides. Once the motorhome has been washed I follow it up with a complete wipe down. I use microfiber cleaning cloths to wipe down the whole rig which keep water spots (especially when using hard water) from forming.

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Now after everything is clean the next thing I do is start applying my favorite paste wax (Meguiar's M6311 Flagship Premium Marine Wax Paste). This wax is best suited for Fiberglass boats or RV’s. Since our motorhome is Fiberglass it makes sense to me to use a wax specifically designed for use on Fiberglass!

This particular paste wax is an easy to apply Carnauba paste wax. I love the Carnauba paste waxes since I have found they last longer than most ordinary paste waxes. Since it takes me about five days (as I am never in a big hurry to do it all in one day) I want to use the best wax possible for my RV.

wax and wash 001wax and wash 002Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

Lots of RV owners use liquid waxes and for the most part Consumer Reports found that pastes performed no better than liquids overall. However the only waxes rated excellent for durability were paste waxes. Of note, though is that both wax types had similar scores for ease of use brass tap 002dispelling the myth that using a paste wax is harder than using a liquid!. After five days of apply and taking off the past wax I finally see the fruits of my labor. Even better is I know that I won’t have to do this again for a good while…

Now there is a lot of literature out suggesting that Carnauba paste wax is dead and being replaced by Paint Sealants which provide the same shine and protection but last a whole lot longer. One of these days I may have to give up my paste wax and try one of the top rated Paint Sealants, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. It was specifically developed to meet demand for paint protectants yet captures the wet look of a carnauba wax but it will last a lot longer. I think when I use up the last of paste wax I will order this and give it a try.

All this talking about washing and waxing has made me tired! So I guess it is time to go get a frosty adult beverage at one of our favorite spots near Bonita Springs – The Brass Tap


  1. Now wait a minute. You can't take all the credit for that. I saw Sharon out there helping you a few days ago!

  2. I'll bet your rig looks fantastic. How often do you do this? We have a terrible time finding places to stay that allow us to wash. Nearly all our time is spent in state and national parks.

  3. Washing I will do, Waxing the rig I pay for. I used a paint sealant on the truck that a friend got with her new Nissan. It has been fantastic with water beading 6 mo later.

  4. I love washing and waxing our rig too. I use Meguiar's NXT Tech 2 Liquid Polymer myself and usually wax our rig twice a year, just for some exercise and give the coach a good going over. Lasts a long time too.